The dog days of summer are almost over

Definitely not in the Carribean

The Dog Days of Summer, that´s how I call it. I realized it that summer months here in Europe means one thing: Vacation, Urlaub , no school, off-work mode, or just doing nothing. No it is not slacking -off. It is just the call of the hour. Idleness is allowed and permitted, or if you want to make it a little something bittersweet, a month of escape. It really doesn´t matter where it is; whether a trip in the nearby lake, in the beach, in some tropical paradise, or along the mediterranean coast, or in the comforts of your own balcony.As long as you idle away and do nothing, then you are probably in the cycle of beating the cycle of the dog days of summer.

Long days, hot sultry days of summer

Going to work when everybody is just on vacation just sucks.How I wished I have 3 months paid vacation leaves that I can do whatever I want.I knew how it feels and sometimes it´s stressful but then I am grateful to have some time off from work. Add the fact that when it´s the summer months here in Germany, kids are at home and that´s another story.

If only rocks can swim?

Dog days are probably the warmest days in summer. Here in Germany, it starts from end of June, July up to the few weeks of August. This year was definitely different since it was way too warm. Too much warm days that our garden turns into a brown field. With withering dead leaves and scalded bushes.There is just too much heat and very little rain. Oh in Kuwait, it´s summer all year long so no worries about rain because it doen´st really matter if it rains or not. It is hot, humid, dusty, and what else….? lots of dog days all year around.

The date trees standing tall against the heat

I´ve heard the song “The dog days are over ” by Florence + the machine” , it´s nothing to do with the warm days of summer.It is just that type of song that lingers, giving you impact because the song meaning is just too deep.The melody is amazing, chasing a better life, the adrenaline sending you soaring. Just sunshine and hope. It´s great to hum on this song when we are complaining about the heat and warm days. Then when it rains, we still complain because it ruins our plans or we just can have sunshine that we wished for.

The weathered Huts

In the US; they say that the dog days are the days where the brightest star in the sky (definitely not a dog!) tends to laze around, doing nothing. From July up to around 2nd week of August where the heat is extreme that even dogs lie down on the pavement and panting.Just like my neighbours who practically lives now in the lake, swimming everyday, lazing around, and sunbathing almost everytime, a luxury that I cannot afford at the moment.

Soaring up to the skies

Astronomically speaking, this refers to some constellation, and the Dog Star, Sirius.During summer months, the dog star occupies the same region as the sun. Sirius sets and rises along with the sun.Sirius is part of the greater constellation called “Canis Major” and on July 23rd, because of it´s extreme brightness, it is believed that it adds more heat to the sun, resulting in sultry summer heat.Even without this theory, we all know that during summer months, we have more hot days because of the Earth´s tilt.But then these dates won´t be the same every year in the future. Soon,we´re going to have Dog Days in Winter too…and dogs will be lying on the floor, in front of the fireplace, trying to feel warm as well.

There is nothing we can do to actually stop the heat. Instead, we just lived with it. Here in Germany, many people take their vacation days in August but it´s not really solely because of the heat. For example here in Bavaria, we have the summer school break the whole month of August up to the second week of September. What can you do for 6 whole weeks ?! Most families can only have a week or two to go on vacation while children are out of school and no daycares or Kindergarten to take care of them. Most families, just like I did, planned these days and spending our vacation leaves on these warm days.But sometimes, things doesn´t go as planned.

Watching the empty, old boats on the shore…their sailing time is gone.

So dog days here is literally & totally unproductive months, most people are not working, and just lazing around, vacationing, and taking a break.It´s the time to enjoy something as a family, and finally travel again after Corona… and then doing countless laundry after the vacation.

Cool, summer nights

But nature really knows these times. They know exactly when to slow down and signal the changing times. Times where leaves wither and fall, and just hibernate for a few months .

Last week, after months of dry summer, it finally rained here in Bavaria. It rained for days and the temperatures sank overnight.I saw that the lawn suddenly turns to green from a dark brown carpet two weeks ago! The weather is so unpredictable .Seems like on the coming days there would probably more grey days than sunny or blue skies.Change of moods, change of plans, and the dog days are almost over.

Oh yes, umbrellas are a thing on summer as well.

Vacation days are over and we go back to the realities of life. Children going back to school soon, and daily routines came back flooding in my mind.I know for sure that in the coming months, I will be back to wearing my jacket again, just when the temperatures gets cooler will I do so. Summer days always goes so fast, so fast that when it´s gone, it is surely missed.

Dog days or not–we had the chance to dip in the fresh waters and cooled down ourselves. We dug castles in the sand and buried our toes, trying to taste the warmth of the sand against the water. We smiled and licked ice creams on sunny days and enjoyed cold drinks like there´s no tomorrow.The smoke of BBQ´s in the garden have made us more hungrier and we explore other cities like we are navigators.It´s great to wear shorts and greet the sunshine while we cycle through the fields. Dog days means that our feets got dirty and we sweat like crazy.The days we looked for tree shades and when we find it, we don´t want to be out from it.

Another summer, another time, the dog days are soon over.

How was your summer?

Until then, Tschüss!

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