LAPC #204 :Don´t mess with German doors

Typical Bavarian old fashion doors in Germany makes every town special.

My feed is full of beautiful, unique ,eccentric doors and gateways from all over the world!The theme for this week in Lens Artist is all about Doors, gateways and openings–a pretty cool subject! I am so glad that today I have my Monday off from work and I have the chance to sit and write something about. I miiisssss blogging so I thought to join this challenge.

Let me show you some of my favourite “Door sightings” all over here in Bavaria. Most doors in our neighbourhood are quite modern and made out of German technology.Aesthetically speaking , nothing really special about it. It´s solid,mostly white, aluminum or made out of framed wood. But functionally, it is totally different.

One thing though, it is very common tradition for front doors here with inscription of C*M*B (Caspar, Melchor &Balthazar),the 3 wise men) and the date which denotes that the house was blessed.

A very old medieval wooden door I saw in Rothenburg an der Tauber that still exists up until now.Imagine how many horses and warriors get thorugh in and out of this huge door.

Before I never really managed to photographed doors, but then I began to loved them.In German we call them “Tür“, you know German can be so hard, so try to pronounce it as you please, it doesn´t matter.Germans are not so fond of open door floor plans. Every room has a door and has a lock. I mean, who needs a lock for living room?! For example in our hallway, I am facing 4 different rooms, each one has a door with locks!It´s normal that we keep our doors closed.Crazy as it might seems but I eventually learned to accept it as it is.

Typical Garage door or probably a storage room in a village in Berchtesgaden

Speaking of doors, well please don´t mess up with typical German doors. Doors here are the main thing since Germans love it´s privacy. With these they have very good security locks.I am telling you that once I´ve moved here, I have great respect for German technology when it comes to windows & doors.German front doors are generally double keyed, with a keyhole on the inside of the door as well as the outside of the door. The door typically can’t be opened from the outside when closed without a key, as the lock cannot be set to an unlocked state like a typical American door knob or handle.take a look how it works Here.

Some photos of the fascinating doors and details I have seen through our region.

Yes, you heard it. Here in Germany, if you get out and forget your jey then you are in reaaaallll trouble! It happened to me many times and I was in total frantic, emergency mode. Your key is the most important thing you need or lese you will be locked out!

I just love the details of this door in the wine region of Moselle

And another thing, german doors can be windows too! Our apartment has large doors/windows that can be tilted ,and opened just like a normal door.Unlike double hung or cranking style windows that are common in the United States, German style products have a different fenestration system. They are fixed, tilt and turn curtain wall windows. Plus, almost every house here have a “Rolladen” or rollershutters.Speaking of roller shutters, they can be tilted in any angle you like! I find them very useful especially during summer to shield the interior against direct sun.

Any green door is quite a sight.

As anyone who lives in a German apartment for any amount of time will tell you, eventually you’ll step outside, the door will close behind you, and you’ll realize that German front doors have the wonderful ability to lock themselves without turning a key or latch on the inside.This thing is very important especially if you live with kids.

No wonder what kind of wonder is inside…

One time I went to the garden by going through the front door, but the big problem is, my 2 year old daughter was inside, playing in the living room. I was in the big panic and tried to smiled at her in the windows, trying to stay calm and asking her not to go anywhere around the house.I can´t do anything but to immediately call my husband to go home since I can´t get in! It is not a joke…since that incident, I really learned my lesson.

Wood carving always makes a great statement

Of course Germans has solution for this problem. Almost every front door has a sticker of emergency company who unlocks the door for you. You need to call them and within minutes they arrived at your house and open your door for you. I remember paying around 40 Euros for them, but i dunno how much is the rate now.So another thing, you should have your phone with you to be able to call.

Of course we are in Germany so even old doors are recycled..

Have you ever been locked out? How did you managed it?

Until then, Tschüss!

This post is inspired by Len Artist Challenge hosted by Silvia of Colorful Expressions. Do check her page out, she has an inspiring post about this theme. Thank you Silvia for hosting!

13 thoughts on “LAPC #204 :Don´t mess with German doors

  1. Efrata, am glad you were able to join the photo challenge this week. You have quite a wonderful collection of interesting doors. I love the medieval wooden door, what intersting stories it could tell, if only it would speak. I must admit though, your last picture caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see a house made of old, recycled doors with garden flowers planted on the roof. So unique looking, I couldn’t help but smile! Thank you for participating.


  2. Hello Jo! Thanks… Yes really that happened to me a couple of times! It was crazy, I can´t really go out without the house keys. It´s okay to forget money to bring but key..oh no, never!


  3. I lived in Germany for a while and learned the hard way. A few lock outs, a few call outs to get back in… I soon remembered the keys! Now it’s the opposite, I live in the UK and my door can be opened from both sides unless manually locked but as I leave the house I still check I’ve got my phone and keys. It’s a good habit to keep!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great that you´ve kept the habit right!´s true that new things sometimes changes us…but I must admit German doors, keys and some quirky things in Germany really stands out!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment.


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