CFFC : Bark and Leaves

My entry for Cee´s CFFC Challenge, Barks and Leaves. Thesephotos were taken in different seasons and time showing how diverse nature can be.

Loving how the light accentuates the trees and makes the leaves create a beautiful mood in this photo.Most trees in the background were leafless, but this one in front totally stood out.
I dunno exactly what this type of palm called but it´s bark has crazy textures and gradients which definitely caught my eyes.
A very old tree with it´s remarkable bark which has been vandalized…”Charlie´s Tree”.I guess he visited this tree numerous times.
Happy that we caught the “Feuerkäfer” in this photo.
Holes in tree barks are always nice…
A rather thorny, rugged bark…
A dead leaf on a cold winter day… and lastly, a beautiful tree bark compliments my walking stick.

10 thoughts on “CFFC : Bark and Leaves

  1. This assortment of images really showcases the beauty of trees 🙂 I love your opening shot in particular. It seems that Charlie visits his tree each year to commemorate something on that date? Or maybe someone else visits the tree to remember him??

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  2. Hallo Sarah! I really don´t know who is Charlie :-)) Just happened to saw this tree while we hike around Füssen to see Neuschwanstein Castle. I guess he frequented it there and logged his dates to record his visits and that tree was enormous so it really made an impression! But then, i´m glad you find it interesting as well.

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  3. Great captures of some scenes that most people wouldn’t even notice. Well done! The lighting on the first one is fantastic. 😊


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