A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what is it to be in someone else´s shoes? I tried to observed my stereotyped-Germans everyday and I got fascinated by them each time. Got a little bit creative, then decided to push a bit of fictional motivation to make them come alive in your imagination.

Welcome to Bavaria!

Last week we had our first snow for Winter, well actually it´s not even Winter yet!!I quickly looked out from the window and saw that a good amount of snow blanketed the garden. It looks cold, dire, obviously it´s expected for a typical German Winter. While bringing my daughter to school, the “Winterdienst” ( or the winter season road cleaner) suddenly came out, with it´s blinding lights and roaring vehicle. A truck which scrapes the snow like a spatula. Snowploughing, as they called it in English.They actually work in wonders, they are personally my lifesavers during winter.

Then it made me wonder how is it in a day of a Snow cleaner?

From scattering winter traction, up to shoveling snow from driveways,I wonder what can really make their day…?

The day went on and my thoughts are wandering and wondering what is it in a day of someone else´s .Let me share with you my fascinating encounters .

A Day in a Life of a Sausage Cook

I took the courage to photograph this lady in the 500-Year old Sausage Kitchen somewhere in Regensburg. I was so intrigued by her, wondering how many “Bratwurst” or sausage does she cook in her shift. Probably hundreds, or thousands, I really don´t know.Judging by the size of her grill plate, it might be more than 50+ sausages per batch. An average person might order 1 Brotchen (or bread) with 2 sausage inside,added with dollop of Sauerkraut and mustard.Bratwurst is probably the national street food here in South Germany so I am really wondering is she also eat sausage in her break, lunch or Abendbrot. My questions are left unanswered so I would probably dare to ask a cook once we visit this restaurant again.

If you asked me, the sausage tastes great; certainly a must-try if you head over to Regensburg.A plus, eat it while watching the boats go by and I am sure you can have a simple “gemütlich” time.

The lady cook in Sausage Kitchen

A Day in the Life of a Street Musician

I stumbled seeing this street musician in one of the bridge which connects the town proper to another part of the town.The sight is really not so idyllic as it seems to be but the nature views deserves a click in my camera. I haven´t heard him playing a music. He is busy taking a selfie or he is probably photographing the skies, birds or something unusual in the skies.I really dunno.Probably he wanted to document this day.Just like any performer, he must prepared his playlist for the day , his opening and finale songs must be his “hit”. He had two guitars , one electric and one acoustic so I am sure he can offer more variations.

I wonder if his family watches his performance as well ?

I knew some people can´t get enough of their headphones ,listening to music but playing music all day long is another thing. I am sure he has his own streaming site somewhere in the tube and fbook.It should be, nowadays it´s the way.

A Day in the Life of a FalconTrainer

Imagine, you can train a falcon.Well for me, potty training for training is already a struggle but this one is something else.

She is quite special. I admire her guts, stamina and choice of profession. I got the impression that whenever she mentions that she had probably made a couple of Ausbildung (or Training), or maybe even more! in her chosen Field then, she would definitely get her dream job, here in Germany or elsewhere, anywhere in the world as long as there are birds he can train.

But how does her day begin and ends? Does she herself have her own Falcon to train, or at least a parrot probably?Was she ever bitten by it or scratched by its claws.The thing is, how do you even train this certain type of bird?

A Day in the Life of the Street Performer

Ah this one is a bit fancy. All dolled up and made up, with a costume too.The street is his stage, and his audience is always a mixture of koleidoscope homo sapiens.Mothers with children in strollers are always welcome, and oldies as well. You can always find them in the busiest part of the town. Nobody wants to perform without an audience so the choice of location is very crucial.I call him Silver man.Obviously he loves music, and this colour which really stands out. Sometimes I find it actually ghostly. He has many tricks and children are always speechless after seeing him. Street magic they called it, well not really like David Copperfield or Criss Angel, but they are one of the theatrical performers we meet in a very normal daily street life. They don´t have tickets to be sold, or a seat to be reserved, only a spot where you can actually see them do their tricks.A good applause make them smile and energized. A display of his Porfolio doens´t even hurt so take a look and buy some of his postcards if you have a Euro to spare.

A Day in the Life of a Beerman

I just want to call him “Beerman“.One look at him and I know he is a master of the Beer.He probably had so much Beer tours from past years so he knows it all from Helles to Pils. He knows everything about this golden fluid.A good German draft beer is the pride of my town, typical for a Bavarian Town where the Beer Purity Law is founded.Personally, I think I have tasted the best beer here, eversince I came to Germany. Pre.Covid, we have 2 times in a year this thing called “Bierfests“, the big celebrations for beer almost the same as Oktoberfest. It´s the best days for him as well. Not so nowadays because of the virus but I bet even with 2G controls, he still have a good drink once in a while.

and lastly, these Girls.

A Day in the Life of the Old Town Mädels

Mädels is a german word for ladies.Everytime I had the chance to visit the weekend market, I see pretty ladies like them.Sitting so cozy, busy making life, and always vibrant as ever. They never stopped working, admiring where do they get their pool of creativity and stamina. Some sells whatever in their plate but these Mädels create something quite simple, but really beautiful. Krankz, or Wreaths, pretty litlle thing bouquets from dried flowers and many more.Some even get all the materials from their own garden!They are the first ladies I got acquainted since I came here and seeing them doing their thing in every season makes me wonder…how is it in a day of these Mädels?

Something to ponder about for today, feeling great after a 10km run, a bit of destressing and still going on, after all, life is still beautiful, with its Koleidoscope and wonderful dramas.

Have you ever met such stereotype-Germans? How was the encounter?

Tschuss, until next time!

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Clever post, I enjoyed your ponderings about these people’s lives. And you make me hungry for a Bratwurst, but for me with a dollop of good mustard please, since I don’t care for Sauerkraut!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Before i never liked Sauerkraut,but then I tried it once again,then I loved the taste.I guess it also depends on where was it made.I tried a few and I’ve found what suits to my taste!
    Thank you Sarah,never imagined you like Bratwurst!

    Liked by 1 person

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