FOTD : Mums the choice.

Finally, I have a day free to take a look in the garden! In German we call it ” Endlich!!”

After tidying up the porch and clearing the mess of fallen leaves, I had to admire and see what my Mums are about. Outside is very foggy, grey and cold but not yet freezing but my Mums are in full bloom.Typical German Autumn weather! I don´t know much about these flowers but I guess they are the queen of Autumn flowers.

They are just bursting in colors…lovely, subtle florets that adorn the almost empty garden.

This pot is almost 3 years old. Last year I cut them after the´ve bloomed and now it made it´s second time to bloom. When I bought it ,it was so tiny, but now it grew so big, bushy and gave me so many flowers so I am really happy.

This light orange baby was gifted to me by one of my friend who sells flowers and plant in the weekend market. I was lovestruck when I saw it because it´s like a ball of wonder.I did some Googling and found out that it´s the mid season variety called “Billy Bell”. I love the color and it´s really star in the porch. My plant has 5-6 balls and the petals are so sturdy.

And whites and red are not that bad either.

This post was inspired by Cee´s FOTD Flower of the Day Challenge.

Until then , stay safe everyone! Tschüss!

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