FOTD-June 10-Allium Stipitatum, the White Giant

Today I have free time from work so I decided to join Cee´s Flower of the Day Challenge .

Why not indeed! — and who does´nt love flowers!!

Just recently I just visited the amazing new ( and most awaited) Garden Park which is very near to our home. Our visit to the Landesgartenshau-Ingolstadt brought us so many happy , wonderful memories. It´s not only a garden park,it offers so much more for nature lovers, gardeners and flower fans.

This one, ” Allium Stipitatum” or White Giant really caught my attention. First I saw them as buds and ready to pop, snugged up in a vase together with lots of flowers inside the Blumenhalle, with the Floral Arrangement Exhibition.When I went outside, I saw them freely showing their beautiful small spikes, lovingly facing the bright early summer sun.

Allium Stipitatum ” White Giant” still in buds, ready to pop.

I had some Allium as well in our garden, but they´re the purple variety. Seeing this beauty, I would love to plant them as well next year.It´s white as a linen and I love how it looks like a white cotton ball, so delicate, so fragile and charming. I guess perfect as well for Jude´s Life in Colour :White/Silver quest this month.

Walking through the park I´ve seen thousands of different flowers.Which I couldn´t recall all their names. But their beauties are all worth the snap of a photograph.I admit my gallery is becoming full so probably when I have time, those flowers will end up in my Blog.I took these photos last Saturday with my camera, an oldie but really goodie Canon EOS 200D.

Bees just love them. It´s hard not to took a photo of them without a bees swarming around it!

Please visit Cee´s wonderful flower Gallery and get to know more of this month´s flowers.

Until then, I can almost smell the weekend, too bad I need to work.

Stay safe and healthy, Tschüss!

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