Art Project : Salva Vida ( Saving Life)

A smudgy reflections in the waters of Kunnetegraben where venue of the travelling Art Project “Salva Vida” can be found.

I totally forgot about this post, but suddenly while searching my Drafts, this Title stood up. Good thing I was reminded of the on- going creative Art installations in my City. Aside from exploring my neighborhood through walking, I discovered much more Art nooks that I´ve never imagined that exists!

Anyway, the Art instalation´s name caught my attention as well. Salva vida in my native tongue means a swimming inflatables. You can´t do without them especially while swimming in the wild waves of the beach.Back then we only used or rent these things made upof the tire´s interior lining so mostly the color is black.Here in Germany, there are various kinds of inflatables.Children enjoy their colors and design as soon as summer begins!

This unique Art project is called “Salva Vida” or Saving Lives and arranged and initiated by Münich Artist Christian Schnurer. I am suremost of us are totally absorbed with other issues surrounding us. Corona virus, surviving Lockdown, Climate change, Vaccinations and etc., but how about the desperate cries of Refugees? especially during ice-cold temperatures ?

At first I was also confused why a pile of garbage were dumped in the waters.I was so ignorant and have no idea at all what´s it all about. This art installation awaken some curiousity in me and now I understand why .I respect this cause properly without the political alignments and totally amazed of the creative art behind it.

Inspired by the desperate situation that “Flüchtlinge” or Refugees are facing, Christian Schnurer collected around 4,000 pieces of old and disposed Life jackets used by the Refugees and disposed on beaches.The starting point of the travelling exhibit started in the Greek island of Lesbos in 2016.It finally arrived here in my small town of Ingolstadt together with Kap 94 last Fall.

Christian Schnurer explained in one documentary works that each of these Life Jackets represents a person and not just a pile of garbage. Every person who faced life-threatening hardships together with their loved-ones, struggling and bearing the fear for their lives and salvation.

Each of the orange -colored vests represents their cry for help and reminds the victims of failure to help.

We walked further and explored the place. So much chaos , many things lookedlike thrash, but then arranged like it was meant to be there.i noticed that most pieces are quite ” from other place”, seemedlike these pieces are managed to emigrate.

An old Piano with a red polka dot bicycle stands and in front lies a rows of pots.

A “Rikscha” in the middle of a potted garden.

Ever wondered how Art evolved during Corona Times?

What do you think about this piece of Art?

If you love Art like me, then maybe you want to read more about the Corona-Lab Here.

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