One Dirty Job : Milking a Camel

My Middle-East experience is complete, I’ve done one dirty job of milking a Camel!

I have also drink its milk. I’m telling you, it is not as bad as you think. They are just like the milk from your prized cows and goats, grazing in green meadows. Only that camels grazed in arid deserts.


Milking a camel is not everyone’s pastime and maybe not your ideal thing to do if you are a tourist, but If you see a camel , what would you wanna do?

Do you wanna try riding it ?  stare into it’s big nose, or are you going to be like me, try the not-so-ordinary task of milking a camel ?

If you came from a place that camels are not a common sight, like Germany or Holland or even Philippines, then you would definitely frown at the idea  of drinking it’s milk ,let alone grab its breasts to milk. I tell you, it’s a one- of- a kind experience. Just make sure that you are properly guided and supervised by the local caretaker or a professional in handling camels to avoid an injury for yourself. No, you don’t want to be kicked by camel in your face.

Camels in Wafra farms in Kuwait

Living in the middle east, especially in Kuwait, I have seen camels for its touristy  purposes. You know those Pay per ride thing . A 5- minutes ride ,series of selfie photos and that’s it. I don’t know why but I even brought so many camel souvenirs to give away to my friends and family when I came home.There is even a camel race that happens there. Camels are not your type of domesticated animal. Aside from the fact that they’re grumpy , dirty, smelly and they could really be Huuuggeee ! Going on in an adventure ride into the desert in Kuwait, camel sighting is also very normal. If in Europe, there are road signs warning of wild animals like deer crossing the road, in Kuwait, occasionally, camels can take their walks in the lane.They are just there walking like nomads, waiting for human encounters. Milking camel is not an easy job , it’s tough, it can be dirty ,and messy, mainly because they don’t like to be milked! Once the flow begins , you need to grab & start the job .

So how does a camel’s milk taste?

Of course, it taste like MILK .

I’ve never even known that its milk is fit for humans until I came to Middle East. I have tried drinking its milk and I find it normal to my taste buds. I did it because I was just curious . I didn’t know of its health benefits .Bedouin’s staple food for ages are camel’s milk and dates  so its health benefits are proven since mid 20th century .

Camel’s fresh milk !

Did you know that camel milk has enough nutrients to sustain you through out the whole day? On serious note , Camel milk has a high vitamin and mineral content and immunoglobulin content. Camel milk is 3x higher in vitamin C than cow’s milk and 10 times higher in iron. It is also high in unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins but lower in vitamin A and B2 (than cow’s milk).

Camel milk is lower in lactose than cow’s milk.Cholesterol in camel milk is lower than cow or goat milk. This is good news for those health conscious .

If you are curious and interested about camel milk then you might wanna check out Camelicious , A company  based in  UAE,the first in the world , who started their Camel milk & Products Industry since 2006 . They are pioneers and world-class maker of camel cheeses , Ghee ,Laban ,ice cream , Mint & Chili Labneh ,Camel milk  whey powder  and camel milk Butter . Camelicious camel milk beverages comes in Date ,Chocolate , Saffron & Strawberry flavor . Camel milk is like liquid gold so expect their price to be pricey.

As for the chocoholics, you might be interested to know that  Al Nassma , a UAE- based chocolatier and maker of  pure camel’s  milk chocolates opened a shop in Avenues  in Kuwait and selling different kinds of chocolates made from finest milk of camel. Some local farms and supermarkets especially in Coops are also selling camel’s milk. Some coffee shops like Costa coffee in Miral ( after Hilton Mangaf ) even serve Camel milk as an alternative to the usual ones.


Now, is  camel milk appealing to your taste, or would you take the challenge to milk it ?

Thank you all  for reading my friends. Until next time! make sure to follow my Blog for more Expat stories .


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5 thoughts on “One Dirty Job : Milking a Camel

  1. haha!!! I have tried the milk (and I didn’t like it – but then am no milk fan) and I have sat on one – I have also seen one for sale for Ramadan. But I have never milked one. lol –


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