JustbluedutchArt : Watercolour Art Journey

“Creativity takes Courage “

“Painting is my breath, art my compass and nature is my body “

I realized that I have too many hobbies and I have so little time to do it all.I don´t know if any of you can relate to me or not but it´s really true.Any way,I knew I have 2 right hands whose passionate about drawing, doodling and painting at a very young age. I felt that painting brushes always belonged to my grip.

My Calendar selection for year 2022, the year of Pandemic, but also a great year for making Arts

So I continued with my watercolour journey….

I am glad that modern times allow me to keep a digital journal of the things that I love the most. Aside from running this Expat Lifestyle Blog, running, gardening, photography,painting is my first love. To tell you the truth, my biggest extravagant in my life is my painting materials and my paints.

I remember when I was in grade school, I am always participating in art projects and I did most of my drawings with cray pastels and crayons.Later on when I can afford to buy watercolour set, I knew that I would love to work on this medium.Later on I explored Acrylic and finally I find myself totally immersed in using it to express my artistic explorations, especially doing Textured art paintings.

Midnight Skies using watercolour

Here is a glace of my virtual gallery of my paintings and artworks done with watercolour.When people asked me where did I learned it—my answer is simple: I am a self taught artist .

Yes, it´s inside me all along. I thought I can never create something artistic such as these. I have learned to tap on it, practice and kept on doing it. There was actually no short cut. Either you are born with a given talent or you strive to learn something that you wanted to do.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Life “

It delights me that most of my paintings which are not listed in my Etsy Shop flown and now hung in the lovely homes of my friends in Canada, America, here in Germany, the Netherlands and of course, in the Philippines.I am forever grateful to friends who supported and bought my artworks…really! It´s not only their financial assistance that fueled my inspiration, but it also helped me to protect my art as well.It is thorugh them that I have learned to know the true value of Art.

When I am alone and working in silence, I find peace, a calmness of my soul that transcends to my paints. It may seemed like most of them are fabricated fantasy, but they are an extensions of human emotions.My dream is to continue making art and sharing it to people who wanted to undertand them, to nurture the value of the labourious work of my own hands.

I hope that when you looked at my watercolor art, you will find inspiration, life and happiness.Afterall, I believed that to be an artist, you´ve got to believe in Life itself.

I listed some of my paintings in my Artshop .If you are interested to have your own unique piece, I am open for collaborations and personal art projects.

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