Infinity Nets Textured Abstract Art

InfinityNets-Infused textured artwork (JustbluedutchArt)

This project is all about the Acrylic Textured Art paintings that I did with the infusion of using net as an added medium. I startted this project from the moment we are stucked at home during lockdown period of the Corona Pandemic.With the daily anxiety and fear of the virus, I find myself in the consolation of painting…and yes, drinking lemonade!

Who would have thought that the numerous nets that I collected from buying lemons could be handy in my paintings.So when life really gives you lemons…then all you have to do is paint!

One of my favourite Hues, much lemony-jade-green-blues painted into a masterpiece

The first thing that I do once I wake up is to make myself a warm cup of lemonade with honey and ginger. Some smaller nets are from potatoes and onions as well. The larger ones are from packs of oranges. I accumulated a vast amount of nets and one day I got inspired to add it to my paintings.

How depth of the textures can you take?

Many of my friends commented that why did I used a straw nets, or stocking, or some kind of structure paste.I simply replied that it´s actually nothing fancy–it´s only nets. I usually starts with layers and texturing my painting then I add only the net as an accent. It started as one piece then I kinda liked it so I decided to make some more.

More Art,and surrounding yourself with beauty inspired by nature.

What degree of textures is enough and what is more? Its hard to say actually, but I find that making the right balance between layers, colors, and depth of the structure adds more character to a painting. Take a look of these paintings I did which I called Infinity-Nets series.They are all original pieces and 100% handmade.

What do you think of them?

Close up look at the fine, bright and shimmering details of the nets

When I looked at my paintings, it reminded me of patience–because these textured paintings took quite some days to dry up and be stable.Of resilience – textures are character of layers and in deep courage to withstand anything. Despite any challenge, one must remain true to it´s self ad never be shaken.

This is my art–my expression, my life, my identity.

Surrounded in the myriad of mystery of nets

InfinityNets pieces are special to me. Every single one is unique and I cannot reproduce any of them. Each one is eccentric, individually tailored and after my desire to represent human´s emotions and fluidity expressed through painting. They are actually my first projects with using Acrylic paints after I tried for a while the Acrylic-Pouring. It helped me learn more how flexible this medium and as to what extent I could use them to express my creativity.

Most of my pieces were also created during Pandemic so I guess they are a reminder of tough times in our world. I have never imagined that I would experienced a Pandemic in my life but then it just happened within our eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this post showing my unique pieces of Artworks. I´m always looking forward for your positive feedback!


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Dankeschön…until then, Tschüss!

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