Inspired by textures

I am an Abstract Painter and I love painting structured artworks. I have no issues with other painting tehniques but this one is quite special to me. The more layers, the greater the gradients. What I find interesting is that creating textures takes time. It takes patience, time and a lot of self-control and honestly, I am very impatient person and this quite put me always on a challenge.

That photo of the mountains above is the one we hiked late last year and was a huge inspiration to me.Nature is one of the things where I draw out my inspiration in my artworks. This place in Herzogstand has been a huge favourite destination for me here in Bavaria. It was a strenouos hike with my 8 -year old but it the end it was totally worth it. When we reached the peak and saw that majestic beauty in front of us, I was breathless, grateful to be alive, and just amazed how beautiful nature can be.

Unfiltered, totally peaceful, and best of all, we found our peace of mind here.

I used this inspiration in my last Artwork. It´s called “ Blue Concourse“. It´s blue and Turkis dominated abstract textured acrylic painting which is included in my Infinity-Nets series. It took a long time to do this but I was totally happy with it.Inspired by textures, looking at the ripples and peaks reminded me so much and brings me back again to that special place.

It often took me quite some time until I put down my brush and paint-smudged cloths to say “It is done“. It´s hard, it´s complicated, but it´s the most enjoyable time of painting. It´s actually the exciting part from the whole process where you discover things accidentally, when your blending colors turns into another shade and texture and finally see something that pleases your soul.

Finally, I am standing in a place where I wanted, my visions are clear, my heart is calm, my mind is positive and my soul is lit.It´s the time of painting where I know exactly where these stroked led me to.Finding the right direction of your Art is somewhat only the Artist do by herself.

When people asked me how did I create that effect, I always say,“It just happened”.For me,It´s actually very true in every sense. There is no exact pattern. I have learned that we are actually what we are continuously do everyday. It´s our little patters that forms us into our whole self-being.There´s pure talent, but then excellence is actually not an act, but a habit. I know that If I don´t practice everyday doing what I really want to do, then I won´t be there on the long run. Perfection is not found in a blink of an eye.

I was looking back at my old paintings and yes, I saw a whole lot of difference. There I have seen growth, depth, and impact on my self-being as a person. I am a self taught artist which means I have learned my painting techniques by learning by myself . I have pushed myself to have the motivation to paint regardless of failures. I have made countless trials to make my craft better, well at least to my own standards.

In the end, I must say that making a living is actually different that actually making a Life.Painting is a life for me and I guess that´s what sustains me.

But then I remind myself that Art should be free. It can´t be contained. It should flow and no borders. It just happens…it will happen and it will continue happening. When creating Art, Its like a perfection of the mind, an intuitive process to go after the pattern that I foresee, to run my fingers to the exact mould of structure paste where I wanted them to be. It´s the whole process of creating that makes each painting so special.

But first, you need to know what is that “thing” that inspired you.

I hope you find a piece of Inspiration from my Art.

Wishing you a lovely day.Thank you for supporting my journey and my Artworks.

Until then. Tschüss.

8 thoughts on “Inspired by textures

  1. That landscape is beautiful, no wonder you found it inspiring! And I love the painting you created, and also found it interesting to see that it can be hung in both orientations. In fact, I think I like best the vertical format even though that takes it further away from the landscape that inspired it.

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  2. Wow, your painting is truly a work of beauty and inspiration Cristina. There’s so much depth, colour and feeling in those swirls and textures, I love it! It’s clear how your passion is reflected in what you love to do. Keep enjoying it my friend. And thank you for sharing. 💙

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