German word of the Day: Lieblingsplatz

“Lieblingsplatz” is the German word for favourite place. It´s the combination of the word ” Lieblings” (favourite) and ” Platz” ( a place).

(Noun) Treffpunkt (meeting place), Lieblingsort (favourite place)

Whenever i think about this word, a place that always comes to my mind first is “Garden” or somewhere with botanical species and nature. My favourite garden to go is the Botanical Garden in Munich. I´ve seen it in different seasons and aside from that it´s nearby, it really gives me a sense of peace and balance in life, plus the nature there is just beautiful.Another place is of course, home.Our couch where I can hug my daughter after a long day from work and school, or in the dining table where we share a simple meal as a family.

Not only in Spring but during Summer, nature over us in Southern Bavaria here is in full colors. And this place is one of my lieblingsplatz.Different shades of orange, honeygold, mandarin tones and rustic pantones.With greens as their undertones, it´s more like a paradise–an escape from the scorching heat.

My personal favourite place would be in our garden. A place where I can have a silent retreat and gaze upon my plants and count how many flowers my Oleander have or how vibrant my lavender bush is with it´s purple tips.

Do you have your own “Lieblingsplatz”?

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Until then, stay safe everyone, Tschüss!

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