Bavarian Summer flowers

Since I can post whatever I want on this Blog then let me share with you  some photos of  my favourite summer  flowers that I’ve seen here in Bavaria. Maybe they look ordinary to you, but for me, they are simply beautiful. Who doesn’t feel better when they see flowers?

Bavaria is full of these beautiful buddies! It’s all lush & green.

Summer flowers, How I love thee? The beautiful surprise was revealed.

If you don’t know why I love these little buds, then I need to remind you of its beautiful surprise and magic Here.

Ok so I am not going to flood my Blog with these blooms no more but today was a gloomy day, 2 rainy days in a  row and I felt like I needed a boost from mother nature. Doesn’t your spirit lift up whenever you see flowers or receive a bunch?

There’s something about the  gardens here in Ingolstadt that really refreshes me. Every single house, or  balcony, no matter how tiny it is, has a green being on sight, dangling, creeping and blooming. Germans love to decorate their homes with flowering plants and so do I.

Hmm to good to pick..I wonder how it looks when its full bloom?
Isn’t  yellow such a happy color?
Fluffy, and feminine pink flowers, so tender.makes you wanna take a sniff!
Always good to look at but I don’t fancy the scent much. But hey, Orange is a Dutch fave color, so why not!


Are you still with me? Seriously, these are beautiful even drenched in rain!


The splash of colors is so fresh & almost too fragile to touch!


And these babies? Do you remember why I adore these purple balls? If not, check it out Here.


I’m sure I am not the only one who will be tempted to touch these cobweb like flower .They are flower right? Even if not, it’s my first time to see these so I am charmed!

The sun light upon it makes it look like pearls.

Some flowers are such a delight to see, so delicate and beautiful to look at in any angle.


Tell me, who can’t smile after seeing these beauties?

Fall is almost in the corner but  don’t you miss Summer flowers already? I do.

Enough of feasting the eyes and time to feed the hungry. And since we are in Bavaria, this is the best way to end my day of dreaming about  sunny days and Summer flowers .:)


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing… the king of all sausages ! 🙂



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