Are we slowly saying Goodbye to Covid-19?!

Corona Test station in Munich

I received a letter from my daughter´s school that they will do their last Corona pool tests to the kids , it´s the last one.The last time that children will do their Lolli tests.My kid have became an expert in doing a Schnell-Test (Antigen-Test) by herself, and she do it with so much ease, especially nose swabs! Children in her class will not undergo Corona Pool testings anymore since most of the Corona control parameters in the schools here in Bavaria are already lifted out. Wearing masks in school alleys and corridors still remains though ,but the overall 3-G concept ( Geimpft, Getestet, Genesen) are out.As long as you´re vaccinated, you can freely do as you please.Back to where it was before, like nothing happened.The end of the tunnel is probably somewhere near, just out there.

I went grocery shopping and there´s a sign says that wearing masks is only “voluntary“. If you still wanted to wear a mask, it´s up to you, so be it.I always had masks in my jackets and bags so I still opt to wear it. When I visited the dentist last week, we´re still asked to wear FFP2 masks, even in waiting rooms. Well it´s actually make sense to wear masks if others are coughing and sneezing while waiting.

My inner self is slowly getting accustomed to this new norm, what goes around, comes around as they say.Perhaps I became so attached to all the social distancing, where before a mere hug and kiss can be deadly.My kid prefers to wear her masks as well, and she said she likes to wear it still so I let her.

Isolation during the Corona Pandemic

Over here in Bavaria, we are slowly saying Goodbye to Corona. Fingers-crossed!Adieu, Goodbye, and Sayonara. Though there are still daily new infections, people are not bothered by it anymore.Nobody is interested to talk about it, or even about the war issues in Ukraine.I went to the weekend market and people are gathering together again, without masks and chatting freely. There are no restrictions anymore when it comes to physical contact. Socially speaking, Bavaria is moving up steadily, faster than I thought of. We will have our Halbmarathon race this weekend, and the good news, it´s not a virtual run anymore. It´s a sure thing that Oktoberfest will happen this year, as expected by many.

Are we really saying Tschüss now to this Pandemic?

The ” symbolic” Pandemic Sign “Maskenpflicht” in Germany

I was personally inflicted with this deadly virus so the whole Pandemic time is memorable to me. I mean, who can forget it? I have never imagined in my life that I would experience a real “pandemic“. It´s my first and I hope it´s the last.It dawned on me that the last two years were quite enormously stressful for everyone, I guess also for many, rather millions of people around the world. This virus alone had the power to shut down everything, closed borders, and billions of lived in isolation.Millions of people died alone and families were not able to say their final goodbyes to them. It´s a tragic story for many.

This virus had definitely stirred so many emotions in me,fear, worries and anxiety even insecurities.This pandemic had also taught me what really matters most and what should be my priorities in life.From Wuhan, the Corona virus had made it to my lungs and I am just grateful that I was able to survived from it.

Corona Test station in Bavaria

I still remember the numerous lockdowns we had, the quarantines that we have to survived. The days that Germany was in complete lockdown and we are asked to stay home.Only doing groceries and taking a walk is allowed.Schools were shut down and children stayed at home and do online classes. I went on Kurzarbeit so I can take care of my kid and work less hours.I was practically paid to stay at home and take care of my own child.Compared to many people who lost their jobs during the pandemic, or for frontliners who never stopped working…i don´t have the right to blame the virus or the government. I know it´s not an option.

My kid stayed at home and do online class, seeing her friends only in computer screen. That memory was already engraved in her mind. She celebrated her birthday without a party, and can´t even play with other kids! Even the playgrounds were blocked!

Antigen /Schnell Tests for Corona

We often took long walks during lockdowns and something really crazy happened.I remember that most shops and restaurants are closed,only groceries, pharmacies, or bakeries are open.Going to the city hall or other public offices is accessible only with appointment. My kid needs to go to the bathroom and there is only one available in the city hall. We were not allowed to go in since we don´t have a “Termin” or appointment! You see, having an appointment was so important by then!

I have seen what a real “Hamsterkäufe” or panic buying here in Germany.In the time of pandemic, people buy toilet papers everyday. The shelves were empty in minutes! I thought, “what is going on with these people”?! Just like the cooking oils was gone in minutes from the moment the war breaks out in Ukraine. I, myself included dragged myself to buy disinfection tissues, soaps and more self testing kits.We ordered lots of FFP2 masks online and buy more for spare. It´s like we can´t afford to go out without a mask.I find it even humurous that though I have the money to buy a bread, I can´t get it since I don´t have a mask! So basically, the mask was our key for everything.

Corona pandemic where vaccines became lifesavers.

Oh and speaking of vaccination stories, I have seen something funny over here in Bavaria.I know that there are priority groups and those things but it seemed like most German got the Biotech vaccine and the rest was mixed of those available ones. Personally, I don´t really mind it but I just realized how twisted the world have become during the vaccination campaign. I can´t speak more about politics since its not my favourite topic, but I guess Germany have done it well, I am speaking from an expat point of view. From the campaign and through out the overall risk management assessment. I am saying this because we never had a rough time getting our vaccine doses and boosters. Everything was properly organized, from online tracing apps up to test results retrieval. I know that in some parts of the world, even getting a first dose is a hurdle and waiting took months. In some countries, getting PCR Test is a challenge,mostly expensive and not free for everyone, while over here in Bavaria, we have test stations every 2 km radius and enough Testing stations aside from the normal appointments with our Hausarzt (Doctor).Everything was actually available and our hands were scalded enough from too much disinfection! Most shops have implemented the strict hygienic Corona rules so I don´t really have the right to complain about anything.I personally trust the German Healthcare system and it does wonders to our family.

Social Distance is the new parameter

We took various staycations and I realized how this pandemic have changed the way we travel.Once we saw that the color is green from the Test results, we are jumping with joy! The word positive is never the same as a result in Pregnancy test. I can still remember when I´ve got my positive test result in bold red letters, it was frightening. This year, as we bidding slowly goodbye to Corona hopefully we could live normal as before, we are looking forward to finally travel and explore more safely.Most of the friends I knew are already booking their summer holidays and I can´t blame them. Everyone is itching to go somewhere else.Corona stories have idled away. It´s not exciting anymore to talk about it.

Traveling with masks
The “Masked” era

In Asia, wearing mask is actually normal. In some countries were air pollution levels become hazardous, people wear masks. I have seen by my own eyes how Germany embraced the “maskenpflicht“. People over here have been accustomed to wearing it. They hang it in their cars,bikes, strollers, and I find it even cute when children are drawing their masks with their favourite cartoon characters.So many designs and styles have evolved because of the whole masks issue!

Despite the spike of the virus mutations and recent Omicron phase, the whole world seems to be saying goodbye to Corona.I know that it´s not only me who wishes of daily zero infections, eliminating the disease is not feasible for any country with open borders.Just like the normal flu, I am sure that infections can happen anytime.

Endemic or not, I choose to have a better priority over my health, family and safety. Afterall, against all odds, these are all the things that actually matters.

How is it going on your side of the world?

Until then, wishing everyone a happy week, stay safe & Tschüss!

5 thoughts on “Are we slowly saying Goodbye to Covid-19?!

  1. What you describe in Bavaria is very like it is in the UK. Mask wearing is a matter of individual choice (although I did visit one shop last week where I was asked to wear one). Testing is no longer free as a matter of course, although it is available for those who have symptoms. Schools stay open, people are encouraged to go back to work at their desks rather than at home. And if we do develop the disease it is up to us to decide whether to isolate or not, although it is strongly encouraged. Also, there are no restrictions to enter the country if you are fully vaccinated. We still hear about coronavirus from time to time on the news, e.g. recently we heard that case numbers are going down. But it’s been usurped by the war in Ukraine and domestic politics. This is what they called the ‘new normal’ I guess, and it feels reassuringly quite like the old normal. I even hug my family and friends again!

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  2. Things seem to be completely back to normal here in the UK. My work was even told that we could come to our workplace with covid! But luckily they changed their mind about this when someone did….

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