Servus, from BMW Welt Munich

Hallo Munich, BMW Welt!

In Bavaria, we say Hallo,Servus for greetings. In the north of Germany, they prefer to say “Moin!”. Upon arriving to Olympia park in Munich, I saw the word “Servus” engraved on the facade of this beautiful building.I mean, Munich won´t be Munich without the BMW Welt .You know exactly that you are in Bavaria when people greet you Servus!

So, BMW Welt, what about it? what´s so special about this place? Well, It´s big, beautiful, sylish, modern, and of course, a tourist magnet here in Bavaria.It´s a giant showroom for BMW cars as well as international venue for events and many more.I wanted to add that since entrance to this place is free, this can be your child´s playground for an hour or so..!

I´ve been living in Bavaria now for almost 6 years and only now that I have been inside in this place. It´s just a few meters away from Olympia park and adjacent to the Olympic Village. Shame on me, but I just didn´t have the chance to do it earlier, but whenever we pass through it, I always admire it´s architecture and was wondering what´s inside and why people are raving about this place.

BMW Welt in Munich, Bavaria

Germans love cars, esp. their cars.They adore them. It´s a German Stigma and social status over. One of the things that I´ve learned while living here is knowing why they just loved it. Everybody is happy driving their Audis, Volkswagen, Mercedez,Porsche, and of course, BMWs.It´s their pride and they are crazy about it. The richer you are, the bigger your car.Having 2 or more than cars as well is very common.They just need a place where to park it, so even parking spaces for residential homes are being rented!

Anyway,even if we don´t have a plan to buy a car, we went inside. My daughter was so eager and I was definitely curious. During this time, we just need to show our Impfweiß and ID´s and we are allowed to go in. The guard spoke to us that he is so tired since he was working from early shift and he thinks that he had cater to more than 600 visitors already! and it´s not even 3’oclock when we visit!I saw that most visitors are families with small kids, the men circled around the hot and latest models naturally!

As I marveled on the architecture and interior facades of BMW welt, I cannot disagree to what it stands.This place is indeed a beautiful place showcasing the award winning design, with its grand visions and yes–automotive passion.

BMW welt is designed by Professor Wolf D Prix and his Viennese office Coop Himmelb(l)au. In his student days, Professor Prix had attended the lectures of Professor Karl Schwanzer, the architect of the BMW Tower (the so-called ‘Four Cylinder Building’) and the BMW Museum.

 “the building does not have the boredom of an exhibition hall, it is not only a temple but also a market place and communication center, and a meeting point for knowledge transfer”,-Architect Wolf D. Prix

I don´t know much more about cars so I won´t be sharing their specifications but one thing, here you will see gorgeous cars and motorcycles and I don´t even wanna look at the price.

What impressed me much is the Double Cone. You can see it from outside and as you gazed on it longer, the more that you will appreciate the power of modern structures like this. This is really one of Munich famous landmark.It also has an auditorium, foyer, premium lounge and an outdoor and indoor terraces, business rooms, a campus and the various brand spaces.

Inside, corridors are hung from the ceiling to keep the space open. The front corner of the BMW Welt building is supported by a stunning glass and steel double cone.

People inside, us included go crazy admiring the sleek and new car models. I´ve heard that you can rent them and spin it around. Some cars are allowed to be sit-on and touched and ogled. Just don´t mind the price or else you get dizzy.

If you´re interested to view what´s it´s like inside the museum then you can view it Here.Also there´s a beautiful gallery of the building showed in their website.

Not only beautiful cars can be found inside, there´s also a luscious green jungle!

My girl is super busy trying all the displayed cars and motorbikes. She said that this place is her favourite from our daytrip. I can´t argue with her since when she is enjoying, then we are happy!

So interesting to dig in it´s design factors which gives me a better understanding of it´s concept. It´s roof is designed to give the appearance of a floating cloud, great importance was attached to a small number of visible supports. Amazing thing to know that it has only eleven columns support the roof, which could arch over the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

The dome itself is so striking.The design is called “Double Cone geometry ” where in the roof takes on the form of a 16,000 m² cloud that appears to float on its supporting structure. I find it so futuristic, modern and very stylish. I have never seen such a beautiful place for cars and it makes me so proud that it is here in Bavaria.

Auf wiedersehen BMW welt!

I am also dreaming of my dream car, but for now, I am contented that I was able to see this amazing place where cars are like diamonds.

Just in case you get tired from admiring the cars, there´s plenty of places to rest, they even have restaurants and bar inside, plus, they have clean bathrooms.

Until then, Tschüss.

4 thoughts on “Servus, from BMW Welt Munich

  1. As a former owner of a BMW (older model), I appreciated you post on the BMW Welt building. These are quality sedans, however, the repair bills are much too high…and ours was always breaking down. Thank you for the post!

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  2. Oh i know the feeling. It doesn´t stop from buying the car, it takes maintenance, repairs, and insurance etc. But then, it´s another thing to admire these modern luxury even if actually not having them right.
    Thanks for visiting !

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