Residenz Palace München

The Antiquarium in the Munich Residence

In the US they have the White House, in England they have the Buckingham Palace, but here in Bavaria, the monarchy reside and governed in Munich (or München), in Residence Palace from 1508 to 1918. Here we called it the Residenz,or the city palace, which is the main center of the Bavarian power.

The Munich Residence served as the seat of government and residence of the Bavarian dukes, electors and kings for four decades. Even King Ludwig stayed here for a short time.

Now I wanna write about this because I think this place deserves a visit, just in case you are in Munich, it´s a must-see actually. I think Munich has the right to be proud that we have a place like this to show how the ancient rulers´s place of governance look like. Well at least as of today, we have the chance to have a glimpse of their residence and the massive collection of arts and antiquities.

When I saw this place, I can´t help myself to read on more about the House of Wittelsbach dynasty.The most famous of them all is of course, King Ludwig II.Though many think that he´s a unique and eccentric king, I became so engrossed by his life and his passion for building his fairy tale castles. His works still lives on up to this day.Just imagine Germany without his castles…?

What would Germany be without Neuschwanstein Castle?

We visited earlier the Moderne Pinakothek but I did not find it quite appealing to my expectation, or my maybe that I expected too much! I find the displays not that interesting and my daughter was totally bored. I guess our timing was not just good or the exhibits are not that really exciting. But then our mood changed right after when we entered the Residenz.

It was really grand, right from the entrance I saw large crowds in line.I mean the courtyards are so lavish and I am just grateful that even through this day, we are able to see such grandeur.Everything is shining, in gold and in pure grandeur of nobility.

This was not just an ordinary castle or treasury. This is the heart of the power in Bavaria.In this place is the birth of important events and rulership resides.The Wittelsbach family, the Dukes and Kings of Bavaria all lay their feet on the grounds of Residenz.

View of the Ancenstral Gallery, Residenz in Munich

A visit to this palace takes the 3G corona controls. It means one must be either vaccinated, tested or recovered from Corona and should be wearing FFP2 masks while inside the premises.We were asked to show our Impfweis and ID´s upon entrance.Fortunately, cameras are allowed but backpacks needs to be surrendered.

We didn´t take the tour so after getting the tickets, we just followed the trail and immersed ourselves with the grandeur of this place. My daughter actually loooved this place. She loved the porcelain and china collection and the grand royalty rooms.At her age, she became so engrossed to the history and lavish ornaments, the dazzling architecture, and fine details from four different centuries.Indeed, the life of the royalties are quite interesting.

The exquisite detail and ornaments of the ceiling of Antiquarium, Residenz, Munich
One of the ornaments that is purely out of gold

For centuries the Munich Residence was the political and cultural centre of the first Dukes, then the electors-from 1623 and finally the Kings of Bavaria from 1806-1918.As the residence and seat of government of the Wittelsbach, the history of this place is inseparable from that of Bavaria´s ruling dynasty.As we toured the rooms, we have seen the exquisite art collections, from candle holders, porcelain cabinets,china, giant vases, cutleries, paintings, carpets and treasures.

The mother Queen staircase leading to the second floor of Residenz
Fine close up of the gold details I saw in one of the highly ornamented room
The Throne hall (Königsbau ) Royal Palace with lavish gold accessories and ornaments
A fascinating detail from the Shell Grotto
The Green Gallery
The Ornate Rooms
The Shell Grotto which was made from freshwater shells from Bavaria

We have only seen a part of the Residenz. A large part is closed for restoration works so I think there are more to see. But then, this visit was already quite fulfilling.

Until then, Tschüss.

11 thoughts on “Residenz Palace München

  1. This place is just magnificent! I remember standing in the Antiquarium for nearly 15 minutes to wait for a human-free photo. Did you also visit the Cuvilliés Theatre? It’s right next to the residence and looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree! I am truly amazed by the grandeur of this place. I feel so happy knowing as well that photography is allowed, or else I can´t take home any digital memories from it.
    Sadly we were not able to see the Cuvillies Theater because it will open first on 26 April.
    That is another reason to visit again soon!
    Thanks Len.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes Sarah, it really is.Thank you so much for a lovely feedback.
    We haven´t seen it all, sure thing we´ll be back again since many rooms are not available for viewing and not opened yet.


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