Arabesque , The Patterns of Islamic Heritage

If there´s one thing that I can remember living in the middle east , aesthetically speaking is the designs and patterns I´ve seen almost everywhere. It is very evident, just like the painted houses here in Bavaria. You will eventually know that you are in a Muslim country.These geometric patterns of heritage appears in different shapes, tones, depth and multiplicity.The most cammon is the”Arabesque” design, modest and floral in forms which is my favourite.

It´s like a flower figure, with continous loops and this is a very important pattern in Islamic architecture .Unlike western art, Islamic art avoid figurative objects in order to avoid becoming objects of worship.

In Middle East, you will never see statues, or idols, only exquisite carvings and mosaic patterns , of course in different shapes and designs.Places that I go to check them out are in Mosques (or Masjid), praying halls, malls, shops, museums, and other function halls.My greatest souvenir is getting an arabic rug with this design, i really adore it.

Now let us see if you follow the Arabesque flower pattern in this gallery…how many would you find?

If you are curious, you might be interested to ask what is an Arabesque pattern…

I used them quite often as well in my mosaic paintings. They are series of repetitive elements in Islamic art, such as using geometrical floral designs, only you repeat them many times, countless in fact. The Arabesque in Islamic art is often used to symboloze the transcendent, indivisible, infinite nature of God.

In Italian, it´s called, “Arabesco“, meaning Arabic style.

Seen from Skylights of buildings

Everywhere you see, there´s the infinite patternns of designs and shapes.

Mosaic of different shapes, colors used in tilings and walls

Or what about showing it all to the whole building and it´s interiors? I guess one post is not enough to show all these grandeur.

What´s your favourite so far?

This post is inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge ‘174 : Shapes and Design

8 thoughts on “Arabesque , The Patterns of Islamic Heritage

  1. Glorious designs and shapes all JBD. I read recently that Muslims believe it is only God who has the right to create a human so they do not include any figures of people in their art or their mosques. I found that truly interesting and it was news to me.

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  2. Very glad you love this post Tina.
    Yes you are right, that´s how I´ve observed, seen and knew as well. There are completely no idols or portraits, only pure art and inscriptions.There is alwys another side that we don´t know.
    Thank you so much for a lovely feedback.

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