Knitfiti :The mystery of Yarn Bombing

I first saw these trees wrapped in yarn from last year´s Winter. We did a lot of walking and stroll during lockdown so we actually discovered many nooks and crooks of our neighborhood. One thing caught our attention : Trees behind the Museum für Konkrete Kunst (Museum of Concrete Art) and in the area facing the Viktualienmark are covered with colorful and intricate knittings!As I was running early this morning, these trees caught my attention once again and gave me an idea–Hey, this can make it to Becky´s #TreeSquares, after all, they are trees!

Whenever I see something with art, colorful and unique, I need to check it out.I thought, how unique, creative and beautiful is this idea. It was a wonderful idea to display the creativity of the knitters of Ingolstadt.

But then, are there any other reasons or good cause behind it?

My daughter said ” Mama, maybe the trees get cold too, so they need to cover up when it´s cold..” I nodded and agree.

But what is actually Yarn Bombing?

Yarn bombing in Ingolstadt

yarn bombings main motivation is to bring life, warmth, and a feeling of belonging and community”

Yarn bombing or Knitfiti is actually the practice of using knitted or crochet yarn to cover (typically public) objects – is just one example of a range of new and creative forms of activism.It´s also called as Guerilla knitting, Urban Knitting or yarn storming.It can be anything, like bike stands, or anything of public use and property. This agenda is attributed to Magda Sayeg,who on 2005 covered her door shop handle with a custom-made cozy.Joann Matvichuk of  Lethbridge, Alberta, founded the International yarn Bombing Day, which was first observed on 11 of June,2011

Over here in Bavaria,the initiative of Tree yarn bombing in my city was presented by the Free Voters organization and local community to express their form of protest against clearing of the trees, preservation of the small city park and building of a Kammerspiele.The focus of the consideration is something to do with the renovation of the City Theater and better consideration for the artists.

So I guess, yarn bombing is actually have to do something about a cause–a reason or something to protect on.At present , there are total of 13 trees that are already “wrapped” with these artistically knitted yarns .The yarn used is approx. 60 kgs .Most of the Knitters are done by women so I guess this is a showcase of how many talented knitters we have here .I even have a colleague who happened to learned knitting during Corona Lockdown only through watching You tube tutorials…what a talent!

The thing is, it is not clear until when these trees will be wrapped in yarn. Nowadays, we have more rainy days than sunny days , it is summer and it´s really crazy weather.So I was thinking that the longer that these trees will be clothed with yarn, then it might start to create molds–which means, pests can nest in and eventually cause damage on the trees.

Do you think Yarn bombing is purely for aesthetics purposes only or not?

“properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn´t hurt the untroubled spirit either….

-Elizabeth Zimmerman,´Knitting without Tears´

I grew up seeing one of my Aunt doing ridiculously good knitting and this was captured by her daughter. I think knitting is a passionate hobby. It can even turn into a source of income. But knitting for a cause–is yet another mystery.

What do you think?

Happy weekend, until then, Tschüss!

18 thoughts on “Knitfiti :The mystery of Yarn Bombing

  1. I love to see yarn bombing – it brightens any walk! You make a good point however about possible damage to the trees. Here in the UK we also have yarn bombing of inanimate objects like post boxes and walls – maybe that is better? Nevertheless I love these, and they’re perfect for tree squares 😀

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  2. Thank you so much Sarah.. both for your visit and time to give feedback. I really appreciate it a lot.
    I guess we have definitely different views about yarn bombing. On the other hand it´s a creative, artistic work but there seemed to be a reason behind it.

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  3. Not really different – I definitely get that it can be more than just decorative on occasions. It can draw attention to a cause, celebrate community spirit, mark an event … All sorts of reasons!


  4. Yarn bombing is such fun, and fascinating to see these have been left on until the ivy/tree beginning to grow through it. I have some yarn bombed trees lined for #TreeSquare later in the month – not as grand as yours though


  5. Well, as much as I love the patterns and artistic effect of yarn-bombing, my first thought is: What would the trees say? Why do people think they can dress up the trees? Do you think they are cold? Really, in the heat that we have everywhere now? Don’t they think that trees prefer to be left as the nature intended? I think you are right about the mould and infections forming. And the trees cannot do anything about it!!

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  6. I’ve never seen yarn bombing. That is so fun. I don’t know if it would harm the tree. They should include buttons, so they can be removed, I suppose. It’s very colorful, though. Thanks for sharing this.

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  7. Yes indeed. There´s always a contradiction in everything. I guess even doing some Art, everyone needs to be responsible and not just for the sake of expressing their talent.
    Lovely to hear from you!

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  8. I thought yarn bombing was throwing balls of yarn likes balls lol… But I like this concept, a sweater for a tree to hug, embrace, and protect. I volunteer for this organization where we plant trees in low income areas. Maybe we could do something like this.


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