Walking in the fields of Dreams

I’m totally wide awake and my eyes are open. I know I’m not dreaming at all.But the views in front of me are good enough to put me into a trance…

My daughter , Natalie runs like crazy into the woods.

For the past years, a sight of coarse landscape, browns, palm trees and arid desert- like place, now I am walking into a different path. It’s a whole new place.  I thought that this green world is gradually sinking into my system. I am in a new place, in a place I have never imagined that I would be. Morning walks have been my refuge for all the metamorphosis of changes that shocking myself for the last days.

We found this field and I call it ‘Field of Dreams‘. This field of dreams is beautiful.Green is beautiful.

Morning view of the Donau

Today, I wanted to take a walk. I needed a walk. Just 5 minutes away and we are absorbed already by the green forests, the smell of the woods, the gentle sloshing of waters from the running waters from the River Danube and the orchestral symphonies of chirping birds.Now this has not been my cup of tea from the last 38 years of my life. Nature is a beautiful thing here in Germany I must say.

Our green world here in Deutschland

Everything is just so fresh. My soul is rejuvenated by the wonders of nature in simplest forms of forest, green tall trees, and the peaceful womb within plants, flowers,dancing squirrels, running rabbits, humming birds,and the slow-paced life here in Bavaria.

As I walked through the path with these giant green trees towering above me, I felt that the heavens are hugging me. Never have I have felt so free, so divine, so natural.People walked with their children, cycling, and running with their dogs. the partnership in nature continues.In the forest, the only thing you trust is your gut. You see the path and you just need to go forward.On my first walk in the forest just within Luitpoldpark, I don’t know where the path will lead me. It’s like walking into an unknown territory and your defenses are down. You just let nature guide you.

This feeling is similar when I am facing big changes in my life.Walking further, inhaling the soft winds that blew on my face , taking one step at a time, and allowing my inner spirit that leads me to a wonderful discovery of another beautiful world.This is what I called walking into the field of dreams. It takes courage to take that first step to make it all come true.But this is all worth it.

What I found in our field of dreams.

Have you ever given up on your field of dreams?

Here’s an honest confession , I have never seen a pine tree like this in my whole life.I have always love how we adorn our Christmas tree and I thought, how it would feel to run my fingers through its leaves ? to smell its raw scent? Pine tree with pine cones in it, I thought I would always need to buy it from the shop, painted & with glitters.

Dreaming is something else, but to walked into that dream is another story as well. Seeing these simple things from nature really made me happy. Happiness for simple things, no filters, no explanations needed. It should be like that. It doesn’t need to be complicated to find happiness in everyday life.

From where do you find your happiness today?




15 thoughts on “Walking in the fields of Dreams

  1. Haha..yeah you’re right..But also its more of exploring side. It’s a bit daunting to not know anyone in a new place and not speaking the language…so you see, I need my spirits to be recharged & rejuvenated by nature 🙂
    Germany is totally different from Kw in a green sense .

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  2. Thanks Super Mama! This whole move-thing is sucking up all my energy & wits.The beautiful nature here is giving me the right inspirations that I need to go on.
    Seeing my daughter adapting so well also keeps my sanity on the right levels.
    Just like you,Its a wonder to see bright sky by 9pm here..and eating dinner with the sun still shining bright on my face.
    Hoping all is well on your side.

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