Watercolor Flower,Botanical Art

I wanted to share with you my watercolor Botanical Flower Art cards. I have been making my own cards for the last 5 years now and since then, I have never bought a single card from the store .I am very in to handmade things and getting creative.The cards that I made are the ones I am sharing with people. I have been sending these to family and friends from all over the world. Before I never really like drawing plants or flowers, I find them too feminine and difficult. But then I noticed that more and more people are into “Flower Artwork” nowadays and started to dig it in.

The thing is, what motivates me more is the thought behind it.Just the thought that my hand painted cards reach to my friend´s family & homes bring sheer “happiness” to me.One frriend told me that all the cards that I´ve sent still hung on their fridge.For me, these compliment is something that I treasured deeply.

Flower Art creation (JustbluedutchArt)

I started to make flower art for general occasions. I kinda like how it turned out so I tried to make many cards with such common theme. Flowers as a subject are not complicated. Their visual properties are very clear, add the fact that I am a plant lover, doing them in watercolor is like giving them another form. I like the simple tones of red and orange roses, array of blue flowers, violets, and more of product of my own imagination.I´ll tell you a secret, I never thought that I can make such as these patterns. But I think If I never tried painting flowers, then I wouldn´t know I am capable of doing it, right?

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”

-John Harrigan

I read this quote and it´s quite true. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, if it´s not shared to others, then happiness is not fulfilled.And the reality of life remains the same, nobody wants to receives flowers or smell them, at their own funeral.

Lately I haven´t painted these types since I am caught up with work.Through the numerous lockdowns we´ve had here in Germany, I have sent so many cards to freinds and family sending warm wishes and even just a form of saying Hello.When I looked at these bunch of flowers, they remind me so much of simple pleasures of life. Women adores flowers no matter how big their garden is. A bouquet of flowers given to them would always make them smile and be touched. It´s a classic way of saying ” I do care” and I have thought about you..”

JustbluedutchArt flower Artwork

As I looked deeply into it, even famous Artists like Van Gogh, Henri Matisse and Monet have all painted flowers. A simple sunflower painting can evoke so much symbolism and feelings.And I don´t think that these floral art is a thing of modern day times, history tells us that even from the past, botanical drawings is very common, clearly showing how a single flower with its medicinal attributes and healing purposes.

For me, subject like this is very realistic.Flowers signals birth, fruits, and happiness. Imagine Spring without flowers—totally unimaginable!

Just say it with Flowers, Happiness art project

If you cannot say it in words, let flowers speak for you. Say it with a card.

Cards for every occasion, Happiness card project


“It´s such a pleasant experience to give up control, to let nature take its course..”

-Jeff Koons

In fact, making cards like these should not be expensive. Materials are easy to find and unless you wanna do it professionally, then you might consider consider investing on the right acid´-free watercolor papers and good paints.What is important is to tap on something that really ignites your creativity and doing something you love.

When was the last time you sent out a card ?

Until then, Tchüss!

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