LAPC-On the Waters- No water, no green, no blue, no life

Raging waters in the Krimml Waterfalls in Austria

Here is my response to John´s Challenge ” On the Water ” for this week´s Lens -Artist Photo Challenge.I got excited when I saw this topic since I love water. I just do.Just like Silvia Earle says..” No water, no blue, no green, no Life…”.

It´s all true, without it, there´s absolutely no living. When I saw that raging waters coming from the Krimml waterfalls, I felt the strong force it has.There is definitely a strong movement, a raging inertia that gives power, and move people.The locals have said that just standing beside a waterfall and inhaling the water vapors can actually cure diseases such as asthma and other respiratory ailments.

The Oasis of Life, and water fuels it.

Simple as that. Life in fact is not complicated. Here are some more of the photos I took that shows how I see water as a vital part in our life.

Without water, there will be no beauty found in Waterfalls, rivers, and brooks. One thing that I love exploring are Gorges. I just marvel how powerful water can be that it can split rocks and forged minerals out of it. Time is the witness of all these wonderful sights. Time had shown me…water can work in mysterious ways too.

Come to think of it, there will be no hydrolectric power that can be produced without these water resources, meaning there will be no energy.No rivers to swim, no adventure in rafting, no fish to catch.

Calm rush of the river, somewhere in Austria

Then there would be no Autumn rains, and children doens´t have the joy of jumping into muddy puddles.

The carpet of leaves submerged in water in Fall

How great a fountain would be? without water, the it is just a scupture, a monument, no sign of living. But with water gushing from it, it is a form of Art.

Quiet landmark Fountain in my city

Sans water, there would be no attractions where people gather, where we find joy in nature´s simplest forms…

Cascading waterfalls in Lechbach in Füssen, Germany

There would be no place for nature´s way of showing it´s artistic forms.

Another magical art
What can nature be without water?

But there would be no living if we don´t stop our wrong doings. There would be no more beauty found in chaos of pollution.

Signs of degrading our waters

But then, once we reaarange our bearings, nature gave us back a positive sign…growth, lush greens, and fruits.In the end, there´s a surprise of harvest.

The perfect Green
Quaint Houses near the river, Markt Essing, Bavaria
Yes, there are tons and tons of water inside these blue & white Mushroom towers. Precious waters for the whole country of Kuwait.
The Kuwait Mushroom water Towers

Thank you John for this worthwhile challenge.

Until then, Tschüss!

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