Plätzchen and more Christmas Cookies!

There´s always a place for Plätzchen, the more the merrier.

First I made an Adventkranz this year, and now we´ve back to baking for the third time around some Christmas delicious goodies called— Plätzchen, or simply classic German cookies. Germans loved them and so do I!

You see, I have been totally integrated into German culture , so when it comes to celebrating Advent and Christmas holidays, Germans have a way to doing it very merry and yes–brighly delicious. The scent of raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, spekulatius, and dried oranges really fills up the air! Here´s the thing, though this year is quite disaster filled,and because of you know already, Corona lockdown and everything, but then, we decided to skip the stress. We took lots of nature walks, wear our masks , send christmas packages to family and just let the amazing smell of home-baked christmas cookies filled our home.We light our candles , decorate our Christmas tree, make handmade christmas cards, as simple as these things, we managed to have the holiday spirit.

Over us here, just like the traditional Germans, we love baking Christmas cookies. We rushed to supermarkets the moment we see many “Angebot” or sale for bakings stuff, forms, and decorating mix, for me, I stocked up on Flour , weird, right?!

Look at these small but super “Lecker” cookies with almonds, walnuts, pistachios, coconut flakes and Marzipan! I totally fell in love with marzipan and I stuff everything with it. It makes my cookies stay moist, decadent and yummy in every bite!

Actually, the one thing that makes Plätzchen so special because it is actually made with labor of love.Of course it´s laborious—no joke! I mean if you really spend too much time making the perfect forms and making it Instagram-worthy photogenic, then I am sure that´s another thing! The simplier, the better!

Not everyone loves baking, so making these cookies really is a no´nonsense at all. they are super easy to make, the ingredients can be found in any supermarkets, and let me tell you, it is really a big thing here in Germany.

A whole round of delicious Weihnachtsbäkerei or Christmas Bakery

I love rummaging through Konditorei or Pastry shops, and bakeries that are filled with these traditional German cookies .They are filled with mouth-watering cookies.They even sell it as early before Advent together with Glühweins, and Lebkuchen.This year in Germany where we didn´t have Christmas markets,so I guess people stayed at home and really devoted many times doing self care , of course, another reason to bake cookies every now and then!

It´s very normal for families to bake together with their little kids.It´s messy but that´s what really makes it more meaningful.The crazier, the The more the merrier, so the variations depends on how much you wanna make, it doesn´t matter. Sharing it with friends and families is also a great tradition that I eventually pick-up.

See, I have been busy!

Kids are on break for the Christmas holidays so one way to keep them occupied aside from stuffing their bellies with these little threats is to let them help how to make it.Make sense, right? Every year, I try to let my daughter see how it goes and let her help with the kneading, shaping and making decorations. As soon as I rushed it into the oven, she just keep on asking me what time will it come out.

After cooling down the cookies, the fun part begins…

A special variant of “Vanillekipfelrl”, with marzipan filling and chocolate drizzles!
A cup of tea on a cold Winter afternoon is always a great way to bond and de-stress

Since we are in Lockdown and observing Social distancing, we have lots of time spent indoors nowadays.I think its becoming the new norm nowadays. Our homes becomes so treasured and it´s the safest place for all of us.

So aside from homeschooling, we try to spend quality family times. I packed some of the cookies in small bags and give it away for Christmas to our neighbors and close friends and they were simply delighted. It was the same thing when I´ve got to receive the same thing as well. It´s like a boomerang, the moment you give, you receive.

Our Christmas Tree this year

It´s Christmas Eve, so I wanted to wished you all a meaningful Christmas. I wished that everyone stay grateful, healthy and joyful.We are almost at the end of 2020, and this turbulent year will soon end.

Have a happy holidays with your circle of loved ones! Fröhe Weihnachten, and Tschüss!

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