Hallo Servus,Wintereinbruch!

First snow this year here in Ingolstadt

Forecast says that today it will snow. I didn´t believe it at first but then as I opened up the windows this morning, a blanket of snow greeted me.The first snow for this year had arrived.

Early as expected, finally, winter is here….!

Ain´t no sunshine for the Roses, only cold , frigid snowflakes!

I took a walk in my free time today and watch as my neighborhood transforms into a white wonderland. The snow is thin, but since it was snowing for more hours than expected, my neighborhood is all white, dreamy, and looks even more cold-dreary.

I am wearing now my winter jacket and gloves, plus the ever-trusted scarf. I felt warm and my heart is glad that instead of running, I could take a much anticipated leisure walk.From the last 5 years that I am living here, we normally have the first snow in the middle of December, and heavy snowfall around January. Recently,the temperature drops at minus 6 but a day before, Mr. Frost had a quick visit first.

First snow in Ingolstadt, Bavaria

I walked through Luitpoldpark but noticed so many footprints on the snow path. Seemed like I am not the first-walkers. The sky is mellow white, the snowfall is falling gently in my face and it´s still tolerable. I remember cycling through the snow in the early morning and it felt like spikes in my skin. The trees are covered with white flakes seemed somehow welcoming the new guests.

A glimpse of the Neues Schloss from the banks of the Danube river where I watched Rabbits running around as well.

Watching the river flowing so calm is very soothing. Nature is a great healer.There were many people taking a walk and just exploring , curious and nature-wondering. I guess its better to stay outdoors in the cold rather than sitting indoors with a mask. For me, without a mask is better, I can breathe freely. Nature walks in Winter has become my yearly habit since I came here, especially when its the first snow.

To tell you honestly, it´s only on the first day of snow that I enjoy it. The coming snow days are not-so appealing to me anymore. I love Winter, but really, I hate being cold. For me, to love Winter is only a privilege.

White berries covered in white snow, nature´s pure artwork
A signal of Hope, longing to stay alive

Some leaves are still hanging on to tree branches, unable to give up. Seems like they would like to continue struggling through the cold to belong to their roots. Fallen leaves are already buried on the ground, their existence were now a memory. The last day of Magic of Autumn is finally gone and the only color that stays outside is white…and lots of greys.

Have a seat…?

These lounging wooden chairs will now take a break. They will probably resume with their purpose in Spring, or maybe little later, when the weather is already tolerable.

White snow Lollipops

The great thing about Winter nature photography is that nature itself is already a great subject.No enhancing needed. Sometimes a simple late Autumn blooms is transformed into a magical spectacle like this weed covered with snow. I did this as well in our staycations in Austria and there´s really some beauty that came out from snow and coldness.

Cold frozen rose buds but never forgotten…

I only used my iPhone with these Photos but then I am glad how it turned out to be.I didn´t bother to bring my camera since it´s bulky.

A walk into the trees

I guess we are lucky over here in the South that we´ve got to experience snow as early as December. Sure thing, the snow will melt by tomorrow and everything will return to reality, surrounding nature being ugly and dry again. The remaining mud on the streets are clearly not appreciated.

To love Winter is a privilege.

It´s December, our final month for this year, and what a year it has already been.I hope everyone stay safe and warm through this Winter.


7 thoughts on “Hallo Servus,Wintereinbruch!

  1. We even had some snow here in Frankfurt last night, for the first time in about two years. But it all melted by mid-morning.


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