We can never be Royals | Tourism

“We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams! “
Horse-Drawn carriage are always a magnet for Tourism, everywhere, anywhere!
{Salzburg, summer of August 2019}

My very good friend TheSnowmeltsSomewhere is hosting a great Friendly Friday Photo Challenge and I thought I might join in. I haven’t done any Photo Challenges in ages for lack of time to write. Today I managed to squeezed some time and come up with this Post and just purely excited to be able to share something in this wonderful community once again. This week’s theme is Tourism and Overtourism and here’s a photo on how I best see it.

Whenever I see Horse- driven carriages, the first thing that comes to my mind is : Tourists! Where there are horses or camels, there will be tourists!

Tourism in Salzburg : Fancy Horses on one fancy sightseeing ride of your life!

I don’t know about you but in most places I’ve visited, these horse-drawn carriage is always on sight. It’s definitely a top-thing to- do for most people who likes to be pampered and experience royalty even for quite a while. Let’s admit,it feels good to be seated on these carriages, it’s cozy, comfy and definitely a magnet for attention. It’s also pure business, a means to makes money and everything.Not to mention the issues of animal cruelty, this tourist top-to-do is slowly running down the hill.

In Salzburg, The Fiaker Carriages ( horse-drawn carriages) used to be the personal and official transportation of the Prince- archbishops. In this lovely city of Mozart , 14 carriages are lined up everyday in front of Residenzplatz square offerring various sightseeing tours such as “The Sound of Music Tour”, “History of Music Tour”and many more.

If you are willing to pay for a 50-minutes tour of the city with reservation including pick-up at the hotel or from another location in the city for 200 Euros per carriage (4-5 persons) or 340 Euros for the larger hackney carriage (10 persons), then, probably it’s a chance to feel like Royalty!

Writing this post made me remember when we visited the “Marstall “in the Thurn und Taxis Palace in Regensburg where we saw the museum filled with different Royal Carriages that belongs to the Royal family. Every piece is pure image of luxury and royalty.

Be it drawn by Horses, Camels, Carabao or cows, it doesn’t matter, the joy of the trip lies on the ride..

17 thoughts on “We can never be Royals | Tourism

  1. I love horses and I’ve done a horse and carriage ride once, they are everywhere in all the tourist spots I’ve been, in fact the only big city I don’t remember seeing them in is Rome and I don’t think I’ve seen any in London either, but Prague, Pisa, New York, they’re all there! I guess it just depends where you visit. I wouldn’t dream on going on one of these now, it’s not fair on the poor horses especially in places where it’s very hot. I don’t agree with it at all 😦

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  2. Thanks dear for your entry, lovely and original! I have never been on one of these horse rides, probably since I’m very allergic to horses, it’s never crossed my mind really. But I would imagine my kids might find it fun. I don’t really like the use of animals in tourism but I guess horses have been working for humans ever since the beginning of time so they have probably evolved to not mind it too much. Like dogs, who wouldn’t make it on their own anymore after decades (centuries) of breeding. The worst case of animal use in tourism that I’ve seen was probably in Bariloche, Argentina, where a starved-looking Saint Bernard was eternally strapped to a short leash so tourists could take instagram selfies with him 😢

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  3. Hello, Just blue Dutch and welcome to Friendly Friday. I am glad you joined in. Snow’s prompt does make you think about the duality of tourism. It does benefit only one-side. There is only one city here in the whole country that does this – perhaps because it is too hot? Perhaps it is popular more in European cities where they were royals for each state? I can’t believe the price folks pay for this experience.

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  4. I’ve missed reading your posts! Great entry on Snow’s weekly prompt. Those horse carriages are popular here in touristic cities too but I have never been drawn to them for some reason. To me it sounds like one of the most boring things to do while sightseeing hehe. Not to mention that I feel bad for those poor horsies working in daytime heat and what not.

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  5. Thank you Pooja. I agree with you. Just looking at their prices makes me cringe. I admit that in Philippines, horse-drawn carriage were once one of the traditional means of transport. It’s actually Spanish influence to us.But nowadays it’s still symbolic but more for Tourism and source of income for some. There are always pros and cons for everything.
    Wish you a happy weekend. Feels great to squeezed some time to write and follow the flow here once in a while.

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  6. Hi there! Oh yeah it feels great, you guys are amazing for thinking about this. So nice to see other people’s perspective for certain issues. Glad to be in this circle and thanks as well for the inspiration.
    The price for the carriage? No way! I’d rather walk LOL


  7. If not for you I wouldn’t drag myself in front of my Laptop to write , It’s great to be circulating again and back to writing! Thank you.
    I’ve seen another side of this thing here in Germany as well. Living here for almost 3 years, I see so many examples of these things and so many tourists patronized them! Where there are castles, there would be horses!
    Takes me back as well in my homeland where Horse-drawn carriage were once a status symbol brought by Spaniards to us but later on turned into a very commercial Tourist-magnet.
    In Kuwait, there are also some parts where people ride Camels, and is also very popular with Tourists, all for the sake of business.

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  8. Thank you for dropping by!
    I definitely agree with you. One thing, I love to explore more foreign places by walking instead of riding in a carriage! Their rates are also insane, right?
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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