Parrot symbolism in Art

I’ve painted a parrot for the first time.

Animals are not my favorite subject to draw, but driven by my imagination, I have made several attempts to create something beyond what I usually paints. I am not so much into animals, let alone birds. One time in the zoo, a bird pooped in my head as well into my dress. Can you blame me why I think they are cute, but can be nasty as well? I must admit, I draw this  because parrots are nostalgic, bringing childhood memories and curious endeavors. I like it for aesthetic reasons as well, but I never had a chance to pet one.

Parrot  [ Justbluedutchart]
After doing some search about parrots and its symbolism in Art, I created this painting from my mind. Parrots are attractive creatures and known to be ‘talkers‘.  But in Art, they are depicted as ‘Truth telling’ . I am sure you know ( or maybe tried as well) that parrots can copy and recreate your words, you can hear your own words without any filter. This is why it is such a magnet for kids. My daughter loves Polly parrot from Peppa pig, she’s fascinated by it’s sound. I am sure she will be thrilled when she sees a real one.

Parrot [ Justbluedutchart ]
They say that all artist have hidden meanings and symbolism in every art they create. But maybe because of what the art critics say. Parrot  simply stands as a true representation of your true self. You  are the only one who can recognize the truth in every word you speak, even the lies that you might be keeping.

Spiritually, they symbolize the Virgin birth of Christ and acted as an eye-witness in the fall of man.It’s famous as a domestic pet, featuring more prominently in Dutch scenes of ordinary life than in any other category of painting. In addition to making frequent appearances in still lifes and portraits, it sometimes impersonates or stands in for people, plays the role of a woman’s surrogate lover, or mocks and comments on the follies of human behaviour. It’s like your personal mirror.

Parrot, up close and personal.

I think that the inclusion of parrots with still-life paintings is very  interesting, because it connect parrots to the material world, wealth, and trade. For me, parrot is an exotic creature from non-European lands, same like the Peacock, parrots were highly prized during the colonial period. And it wasn’t just the live birds that were valued: in the colonial era the plucked feathers of parrots were valued too. In Mexico, the indigenous practice of feather painting was combined with European pictorial conventions . This type of feather painting was highly prized by the Europeans, which adds to how parrots were connected with material value.


Do you like parrots ? And what do you think of women and parrots in painting?


Any thoughts about this painting? I would love to hear your comments.


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5 thoughts on “Parrot symbolism in Art

  1. Thank you so much ! I didn’t know that parrot lives long lives.My grandmother’s sister have lots of birds as pets including a parrot but I never notice. Thanks for a great info!


  2. My Great Aunt had one and I loved that old bird. the Aunt also. My neighbor rescues rare birds. She has 4 parrots who out lived their owners and the children didn’t know what to do with them. They were hard to place in homes. She is elderly and her children are grown and they fit in there great. It is hard to tell the bird’s voice from Jo’s voice.

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