One Dirty Job : Milking a Camel


My Middle-East experience is complete, I’ve done one dirty job of milking a Camel!

I have also drink its milk. I’m telling you, it is not as bad as you think. They are just like the milk from your prized cows and goats, grazing in green meadows. Only that camels grazed in arid deserts.


Milking a camel is not everyone’s pastime and maybe not your ideal thing to do if you are a tourist, but If you see a camel , what would you wanna do?

Do you wanna try riding it ?  stare into it’s big nose, or are you going to be like me, try the not-so-ordinary task of milking a camel ?

If you came from a place that camels are not a common sight, like Germany or Holland or even Philippines, then you would definitely frown at the idea  of drinking it’s milk ,let alone grab its…

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