A Beautiful mess

Do you like patterns? or do you appreciate beauty in a messy state?

Beautiful Mess is the new painting I created  by using Acrylic  paints and  some mixed media  by experimenting with patterns. Normally, I love faces and splashing colorful washes on it but lately, I  love the idea of incorporating the patterns and geometric figures which are inspired by nature and textures that I see everyday. Putting patterns into your artwork helps you to express more of your visual thinking rather than immediately pleasing the aesthetics. Nature is one big source of inspiration. Just take a look at the leaf patterns, the barks of trees, the free flow of grasses, and the texture of scenarios.

For a newbie like me and a self-taught multi-media painter, the best way to move further is just doing it. Experimenting with patterns always creates a mess and yet, the best part, it gives birth to beauty. Only now I realized that creating something is also against all odds. It’s tricky, but you just have to keep your patterns on track.

Against all odds: In a world where mess can turn into a beautiful art
New painting – Embracing the mess and creating beauty

Patterns are also evident in our daily cycle of life. The routines, a flow of repetitive actions are just examples of how patterns are ingrained in us. Sometimes I thought of myself as a risk-taker, but oftentimes, I dreaded the act itself knowing that it scares me. Starting  a series of pattern can either destroy or enhance your artwork, or it can totally change the mood you are into. I love geometrical figures as well and the way it adds ‘edge’on the overall mosaic.

Inspiration may be elusive and yet, a messy art can turn out to be an explosion of emotions

I am surrounded with mess everyday, and frankly speaking, I hate it. Toys everywhere, scattered books, more clutter and there’s more things to tidy up, It’s a headache, but it’s how we roll with our life with an active toddler. Just like my approach to tame the tiny Goblin lady in our house, playing with colors and unleashing its potential to enhance the soul of my work is an effective way to embrace the beauty out of the mess. It’s against all odds, but the only way to do it is : Doing it!

Clashing colors in vivid surreal patterns

Though it requires a lot of work and doing the intricate details, it was also so much fun to do.I think I will be doing lots of painting with this concept since it really fuels my creative mind to think of patterns along the way.

On serious note, how do you handle mess in your house?  Are you fond of patterns?

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Inspired by this week’s Photo Challenge |Against the Odds

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