Toddler Tantrums & Terrible Twos!

As we all know, Little Miss Independent is happiest when she can call the shots, but when she’s not allowed to do it..There she goes!

Screaming bloody horror .


Nowadays, she behave like this for some moments in the grocery shop, she hates it! in  the mall, in the bathroom , while changing her diaper that becomes a daily battle, during dinner that could last up to an hour, or even just watering the plants.She wants to do it her way. Her own way!

This is the aftermath of our struggle. Her. on the floor.

The point of No Surrender ,normally last for the next 40-60 seconds of bloody murder screaming and crying as if the whole world is falling apart. #RaisingNatalie


While we’re at our Creative Dancing Class, everyone was leaping and smiling with glee. Our teacher was teaching new moves so the tiny tots can imitate.My daughter ran out from the circle and ran over to the corner where the costumes and sticks are stacked. She began to climb one chair and pull one stick, then another. Call me helicopter Mama, but of course I ran over to get her & return all the sticks. Those are sharp and could hurt her.

“Not a toy “,  I said.

Then she ran to the couch and throws all the pillows all over the place.Then she just dropped there on the floor, screaming in horror and crying out up to her lungs.I tried to pick her up but then she kicked me, whining, and she keeps on wiggling so I let her go and leave her alone in her performance. I tried to ignore the stares of the other parents.

Whew, when did she become  so strong?

This is the time for Tantrums &  Meltdown they say.

Life with Balls -Freeze the moments when she’s sane! #ToddlerLife

One moment she’s an adorable sweet little munchkin. All smiles and kissing you all over. Rubbing your hands and back , cuddling you. But now suddenly..she began to transform into a brat, from throwing toys and food, into banging her head on the floor.

Oh ok, pretty normal. Development stage.

There is HOPE and these things too, shall Pass.


 For those who can relate–


“You get two big windows of opportunity in your life to do stuff like build castles, lick pebbles, watch Super Simple songs and Baby Shark Shark, and just plain play: the first when you are a child, the second when you have ONE. Don’t get too busy or wrapped up in the grown-up stuff to miss it.”

How was your life with a Toddler? Have you had times like these? X

11 thoughts on “Toddler Tantrums & Terrible Twos!

  1. I was blessed with wonderful , easy going children.I do not remember them crying unless they were sick. Our home was filled with smiles and giggles.
    Every experience is unique. Perhaps having twins made a big difference because they were always busy playing together.

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  2. I recently got into an argument with a woman via Facebook, when I posted about how my son had a fit at Walmart. It wasn’t a full-blown tantrum mind you, just a bit of whining and crying, which didn’t go on that long. The woman told me that her children NEVER cried in public, never made a peep, let alone had a tantrum, and went off on a tangent about how “this generation” doesn’t control their kids, doesn’t discipline them, they’re all spoiled, blah blah, etc… Needless to say, I am pretty sure she was lying through her teeth about her kids, and we are no longer Facebook acquaintances.

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  3. Oh twins! how wonderful.I know time flies in raising tiny humans.. I just decided to enjoy the ride, after all, they are more adorable at this stage more than tantrums.


  4. You know…the tantrums will continue for a while. My daughter is 6 and her tantrums are still epic; if not more drama than when she was two. Now she talks back and I can only pray for me when she is in her tweens/teens.

    Good on you to ignore the stares of other parents. These days I give other parents my smiles when I see their kids screaming and on the floor. And I pretty much let my kids throw their tantrums and watch them from a meter away while I do my shrug-and-smile to others as the drama unfolds…(most of the time, I’m seething inside!) ahh..c’est la vie! LOL

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