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Looking back on our early days in Kuwait we see a different world which other Expats don’t see. A place of rare opportunities, answered prayers, and a calm beauty against its harsh climate. Lying along Arabian gulf is Al-Kout’s waterfront, a mixed used complex that is frequented by Expats and locals on usual Friday outings.It has a beachfront lined with Date trees, fancy restaurants, a mall, a line of coffee shops and a rather charming look out Tower where you can have great views of the sea.


A scenic view from Al Kout’s look out tower, here we saw one of Kuwait’s precious gem–a quiet spot where you see boats docked in the water-line bordering the fountains & the calm waters of Arabian Gulf. Here they play choreographed music while the dancing fountain makes the young ones and adult stare with glee for hours.

Kuwait as we see it from the look out tower in Al-Kout waterfront in Fahaheel

A leisure waterfront that maximize the beauty of the Arabian Gulf. Just imagine if Kuwait doesn’t lie along Arabian Gulf and all it has is the barren desert?

#Kuwait as I see it
View from the scaffolding’s frames of  Arabian Gulf waterfront from Pearl Marzouk,Ras Salmiya- Kuwait

Where to catch the best panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf? where else but from the Penthouse Floor of one of the Iconic luxury apartment building –Pearl Marzouk ( Lolo’at Al Marzouk ) which has been undergoing a serious restoration up until now.My husband worked on to this project before when He was still working in Kuwait. Here we saw Kuwait’s pride, another  streamlined beautiful waterfront. A view that anyone would dreamed of having once they woke up in the morning.We always take a walk along this waterfront along Ras Salmiya. Here we chase sunsets & sunrises and have seen the magical charm of  dusk & dawns.We see this azure blue waters everyday once we look out from the window. The first beach that my daughter had played on & swim on. Despite the scaffolding frames, this view is impregnated in my mind.Bluer than blue.

But if you don’t live in Kuwait, this next view is always tainted, (hidden from your eyes) the waterfront in Souk Sharq ‘s view that we have learned to accept as part of our stay in this country. A view that even the locals abhor. A view of Kuwait in its greyish-brown dust frame-Sandstorm day. The skycrapers behind loomed in gloom.

Same country , same beachfront,  but  a skyline masked with dust. #Kuwaitinoureyes.

They say you need to see the bad before you can see the beauty.

Kuwait has it both.

If given the chance, do you think you can live in Kuwait? Tell me what you think..

In response to today’s Photo Challenge |Frame


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