Country Living, Are you still enamored?

Does the idea of living in a quiet, open spaces, beautiful serene landscapes, with a slower pace of life appeals to you?

Where privacy & tranquility has no cost, let alone it doesn’t come in a Spa!


For years, I am always fascinated of the idea of seeing lots of country feel neighborhood. I always dreamed and strived in my own ways to always be close to nature. Here in Kuwait, my views every morning is the my neighboring flats & buildings. It’s a good thing at least that we have large windows in the living room where we have sea view & access to natural (yet so strong !) daylight. Every building has its own charisma, either with eclectic design or just its amusing lighting. City life is also good, It has its pros & cons naturally and  it makes you feel like you are on a fast-paced of life where technology and modern buildings makes your life appealing…but sometimes depressing.

Who wouldn’t want a daily dose of Vitamin G? “Vitamin G” stands for Greenery—trees and plants, which the country has in spades. Not merely pretty, they also come with serious benefits that science is just beginning to understand. Scientific studies have shown that when humans are deprived of greenery, they can suffer in a variety of significant ways.I was really fascinated when I have read that or instance, a study found that when humans spend even a few minutes on a crowded city street, their brain is less able to retain information or control impulses.


But what about the idea of viewing vast acres or hectares of just pure greens around you? With the animals flocked freely grazing? That the chirping of birds is the normal music you hear instead of honking of cars?

The other night I was awakened by loud honking of cars. I knew it must be coming from the busy street just below our apartment. What on earth is happening? It is 2am in the morning! The odd thing about living within the busy streets with a mixed used complex is the outside noise that cannot be fixed by good acoustics in your building. There is a scientific study which  found out that residents of apartments with views of concrete/asphalt reported higher levels of aggression and violence than did their counterparts living in identical buildings with tree views.Personally, I would prefer a view of trees or gardens instead of a view of Satellite dish, roof tops, busy roads & parking area..let alone a garbage dump!

Have you’ve been inhaling clean, fresh air? or you are too busy to notice. There is something about healthy in country living. The air you breathe and its quality,  People living around more trees and grass generally experience lower levels of air pollution, which has been linked to conditions associated with asthma and heart disease. Well here in Kuwait, dust is something that has been a constant particulates in the air.


One of the perks of country living is that a normal bike ride or just having a walk in the woods is like a trip to the Botanical Garden and Zoo. One time while Me & my daughter take a spin in the neighborhood, we see horses,ducks, roosters, chickens, goats, and rabbits! All happily grazing & hopping plus a sight of an old windmill that adds to a picturesque view.

There’s fewer psychological problems in living in rural areas. I have read from the articles and journals in the  Schizophrenia Bulletin, at least 10 studies have shown that people in urban areas are more likely to develop psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia. The available evidence suggests that more than one-third of all schizophrenia cases may be related to (or greatly exacerbated by) environmental factors in an urban setting.

Additional studies have shown that rural residents are less likely to have anxiety disorders. Scientists examined the prevalence of extreme anxiety in more than 345,000 residents of the Netherlands—male and female of all ages—and found substantially lower rates of disorders among those living in relatively green regions. In residential areas with 90% green space, the annual prevalence was 18 per 1,000; in areas with only 10% green space, the rate increased to 26 out of 1,000.The same study found that green environments can also relieve sadness and depression. This is  definitely something to smile about.


The idea of growing your own food sounds good too. In the country you have the chance & ability to produce your own food. The food produce are fresh, and not loaded with preservatives. In the country, you can easy grow enough fruits and vegetables for own consumption.Most importantly is the low crime rate. It’s very unlikely that you will be mugged. Life in the country is much safer than in the city when it comes to crime which is virtually non-existent in the countryside. You can literally let your child loose and explore.


What about you? what are your living preferences? Is country living appealing for you or you can’t be enamored by it?

Thanks and I would love to hear your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Country Living, Are you still enamored?

  1. As always, gorgeous shots! I have an idealized view of country living. I imagine I could be Rhee Drummond but then I think of all her hard work and I’m like um I don’t think so. 🙂

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  2. I am one of those healthy people in the green. 🙂
    After some urban years I know, the countryside is my side.
    My kids had not to grow up in a bigger city and I think, this was more important for their happiness than anything else.


  3. I love being surrounded by green spaces. Natural places as apposed to manufactured gardens. I live in a town surrounded by countryside and hills. Green spacses are very accessible. I used to live in big cities, including London. Never again.


  4. Living day to day, doing lots of yoga, trying to catch up on the blog and trying to enjoy life! xoxo. Have you moved yet?


  5. Yes, and I am looking forward coming back to NZ for good. Our place is not really that Country living but we are near it if we want to eat fresh strawberries there’s a strawberry farm behind our subdivision and even McDonalds farm for my son for a dose of farming life on a weekend. The city is not too far away as well and I really miss that kind of life.

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  6. Thank you..I’m sure everything else will fall into place once you figured out which matters most when it comes to your happiness. I also long to have the feeling of living so close to nature…and I want my daughter to have a childhood close to nature.Your comments means a lot,thanks for your presence on my page and Goodluck to you.Happy Mother’s Day.

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  7. Thank you Cheryl..we share the same passion..Indeed a good amount of sunshine is good both for our soul and the greens brightens our mind. I love your wandering-travels as usual!

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  8. I am definitely enamored. I have lived in the country almost my whole life, and I still find my surroundings to be breath taking. I love to run out in the nature,and let go of anything that is bothering me. I lived in Atlanta, Ga for about a year, and I just couldn’t take it. I had to move back down south. It is where I belong and it makes my soul happy. Do what makes your soul happy. It is important, and if the country is where you belong then be there. I love the smell of pine trees, and freshly plowed soil.

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  9. Thank you so much.. I definitely agree with what you’ve said. There’s no substitute for a place like home where you are at peace and happy.
    Thanks for the follow, for sure I’ll get to know more about you in your posts. 🙂

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