Three Days Quote Challenge (Pt.2)


N a t u r e    i s    n o t    a   p l a c e     t o   v i s i t  ,  I t   i  s    H  o  m e –Gary Snyder

Q  U  O  T  E    F  O R   T O D A Y 

“N a t u r e ’s  f i r s t    g r e e n   i s   g o l d, H e r   h a r d e s t   h u e  t o  h o l d.
H e r  e a r l y   l e a f ’s  a   f l o w e r;
B u t   o n l y   s o  a n   h o u r.
T h e n   l e a f   s u b s i d e s   t o  l e a f.
S o   E d e n    s a n k  t o  g r i e f,
S  o    d a w n    g o e s   d o w n   t o  d a y.
N o t h i n g   g o l d    c a n    s t a y.”

[―Robert Frost, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”}

The Challenge

Something beautiful happened ! Recently, I was challenged by Frank ( Jansenphoto ) to take on the ‘Three Day Quote Challenge’. Just in case you don’t know, Dutch goes the Photo is a wonderful Blog. If you want a daily dose of kick-ass photos ,then head on to his page. Get to know Him. Just click Here.

Anyway, This challenge is one of the things that I would love to take on since I love the idea of a Photo + Quote combo posting marathon for 3 days.

The rules of this challenge are quite simple:

  1. Post in three (3) consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

I would love to nominate & pass on this challenge to my beautiful friends here namely ;  ( Drumroll please! )

  1. Wordsmith
  2.  Seagirll  and
  3. Super Jan

Guys, I hope you have  time to accept this challenge. But even if my challenge won’t be accepted, I still want you to know that you  are all awesome and I am grateful to have found your wonderful Blogs and got to know you through your posts.

Have fun & Keep on writing.  Once again, Thank you Frank for the Nomination!

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