The World Carries On (Chronicles of Lessons from the Beach Pt.2)

“There are Far, far better things ahead of us than any we leave Behind ..” {C.S.Lewis}

Watching along the stretch of the Arabian Gulf gives me more & more beautiful insights everyday. One time while i was jogging along the seaside, I observed the whole stretch of the beach. This patch of the beach has a rocky part on the other side while the other part just after 100 meters have a supple white powdery sand shores, and when its low tide,  a lake-like formation in the shore appears. Just like a hidden Oasis. A lake WITHIN the beach. The patterns on the sand that the waves have created is a sight that i wanted to behold before the tides swept it away once again. This is one of the fascinating views i look forward every time i visit. Many times, i wanted to see if the small lake is there or if its hidden. It always give me the element of surprise in my beach encounters. I spent many hours just gazing at the azure blue waters glistening like diamonds against the sun   and realizing that the same beach who became  a  daily haven for Expats like me , is the same beach who suffered  trauma during the Gulf War in 1991.

Arabian Gulf sand dunes

The Arabian Gulf gives us a tremendous inspiration of what is it like  to move forward in Life. It had overcome so much from the Oil spills during the Gulf war, it had its darkest hours, the deadly pollution that engulfed it, with roughly 13cm thickness of slick in some areas. It’s like a mask that hide its beauty. That was the time when the Arabian Gulf was cast down with gloom. If we could recall, it’s one of the Largest Oil Spills in our History since the Gulf war broke out in 1991.

A quick reminder for us of the deadly Gulf  War  after math that release a HUGE  1.5 billion barrels of oil into the environment,which is by far the largest oil spill in human history.

Mesmerized by Arabian Gulf’s  sand patterns

The Arabian Gulf along with Kuwait have won on this struggle. It overcome those dark months.

Looking at the waters of Arabian Gulf now brings me a story of hope. Imagine how this beach looked like 25 years ago. While looking intently at the patterns I caught myself further looking forward and discovering new forms, new flow, and new explorations. It gives me discernment that some things are really  beyond my control. Sometimes it really pays off to just go with the flow. No matter how much I try to mold my life into something , there are things which  better be left on their own to transform. Whenever you felt like life had rejected you, after sometime you will realized that it just brought you to a better direction. I can testify on this one because It happened to me.

“What defines us is How we rise after we Fall “

As an Expat living in Kuwait for  many  years, many times I thought If I had made a huge mistake in my life for coming here. I had times I couldn’t sleep &  wanted to give up, resign from  my work & head on home. I am glad I stayed on. I would never ever imagined that my life would be so much better now than before. Seeing my daughter’s  happy face & wide smiles while we played in the shores of the Arabian Gulf gives me more joy than I ever deserved as a person &  as a mother. I have and would always treasure these moments.

See, Our character is being mold on how we respond when we are brought down. I am sure you knew the feeling of wanting to stop the time & giving up. It’s human nature. But picture this ; Have you noticed that no matter where you are, the world carries on? With or without you it goes on its round the clock rhytym. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The seasons laboriously changes through time. People grow old and new generation emerges. The world doesn’t stop just FOR YOU. Nature always do its own course. It has no stop- overs. It is autopilot. It always fascinates us, always brings enlightenment.

What is the hardest struggle you’ve been battling on right now?

Do you also find it hard to let go of your past & move on?

In case you do, Hang in there! I hope you find the right inspiration in your life to move on.



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