Embrace the Change (Chronicles of Lessons from the Beach Pt.1)


IMG_2998I lived in a place where the beachfront is just 10 minutes walk away . Every morning i love to peek through the curtains from our bedroom window and look at the beach . The beach is one happy place for me. I am always wondering how it looks today, as its always different from yesterday and the day before. This year i started something new  as part of my morning routine. I began to collect my thoughts and look at the beach and took a photo of it…everyday. I wanted to freeze each moment. The beach has so many facets that even my camera failed to capture all. Looking at these photos made me feel so lucky to have the beach so close to me.

On weekends that i normally have my morning  walks , I encounter so many life lessons that the sea have shown me. The more that I stayed on the shores, the more I am engulfed with its wisdom. I want to share these with you.

As I walk through the beach , i see lots of stones and beach rocks. The part of the stretch of the Arabian Gulf around Ras Salmiya is more of a rugged, rocky beach. When its low-tide, many stones are exposed. Ugly ones, sharp ones. There are dull, dark ones, but some are striking. There are some uniquely-shaped, colorful and with odd textures. Some are soft, some are really hard.

Lately, my life have met Changes.

Changes that have come along because it was self-imposed, others just come along the way. In a way that it was so unpredictable. Some changes have been fierce. With these,I have learned not to be afraid of changes and the uncertainties in life. Embracing it is more rewarding rather than resisting. Have you ever felt like you are constantly questioning why certain situation happened in your life? These changes often leads to miraculous new worlds. Allow time and life experience to shape your thoughts and beliefs. Allow difficulties shape a different and better you, like the beach rocks that surrender to the forming power of the waves. Remember that we aren’t always in control of what comes in our life, and what’s waiting ahead, if we allow it to unfold, may be far better than we could ever have imagine. Changes are scary, yet it can be so kind too. It patiently waits to form us into a better being.

I want to tell you not to judge people around you  superficially, or by first glance. Many times, things really aren’t always what they seem to be. A person may prove to be a treasured friend, once you get to know him well. A seemingly bad and difficult to cope with situation may prove to be a great opportunity for your personal, family or business life – just like a rough beach gem whose worth is concealed under an uninteresting and dull appearance. It takes time…It takes patience.

“When you’re finished Changing, You are Finished. “


Have you ever had a time of reflection when you walk through the beach?



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