Kuwait Towers ,closed for renovation forever

Typical scenario

You have a visitor to Kuwait and brought them to  the  Kuwait Towers . As you drive along the Gulf road they suddenly asked you if they could access the viewing deck and explore it . 

Typical answer

Sorry.It’s still closed for renovation. Forever . Sigh.

Kuwait Towers viewed at night with its light show.

It’s sad that this iconic landmark of Kuwait has been neglected for long time. This important structure which has been the heritage of Kuwait modern history and yet until now , it’s just there . Dying slowly. People pass by and see it there everyday , driving through just for a few snaps of it .Nothing more special . The saddest part is the lack of maintenance for such a long time .

I wish this will change  soon .Obviously  people already get tired of the news of the renovation thing . Some just shrug their shoulders and doesn’t give a damn about it. Up until now,  no official information when it will be finished and reopens.

“Inshaallah .”

But for some who haven’t had the experience of viewing the Kuwait Towers from above , they still hope that the renovation will be done once & for all & the tower will be open for public once again. At least they have somewhere else to go to during scorching days in Summer .

Long before that Kuwait Towers has been the top destination for tourists ,visitors and locals alike. It’s the frontliner of Kuwait . When i first came here, I was able to climb up the Towers and experience the Viewing Deck , the Rotating Restaurant ,and  to view Kuwait from above. I have learned about Kuwait’s history from the informative museum located inside the Tower . It was a great experience . This place has been the first place I’ve visited when i came to Kuwait .

But for now , i can only say “Its for renovation . Forever . ”

What can you say about what happened to Kuwait Towers?


Kuwait Towers finally reopened today, February 22, 2016 alongside with the Celebration of Hala February 2016. Just in time for the National & Liberation Day.Touristic Enterprises Company announces that after 5-long years of renovation, this iconic landmark in Kuwait is once again open for the public. The restaurant (Horizon /Ofok Hall ) and  the viewing deck as well as the Le Cafe can now be enjoyed once again by the locals, expats & visitors. I wonder what will be the change in the Kuwait Towers. I am curious.

If you’re in Kuwait, its worthwhile to check this out.

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2 thoughts on “Kuwait Towers ,closed for renovation forever

  1. Many thanks for sharing this blog posting.This is the first time i read your blog and admire that you have posted on this topic.The way you clicked the photo is amazing.keep updated.
    Renovation Kuwait


  2. Thank you so much for having the time to read my Blog.
    For an update ,Kuwait towers is now operational and opened.
    Before I left Kuwait, I visited it for the last time and once again, I admired its beautiful architecture.
    Thanks again & have a great day!


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