Raising Natalie

W h e r e     d i d    t h e   T i m e   g o ?


My daughter turned 18 months the other day. I can’t believe how time flies, raising a child is so fleeting, I don’t mind, I appreciate every minute of it.

Lately, she had this unique habit of pressing herself close to me and just put her left hand on my chest. Does she want to feel my heartbeat? A quick moment of skin-to-skin. I know she could do that all day  if I just allow her. I really don’t know why she does it, but I LOVE it.

When we have tedious crazy time of putting her to bed at night, she pinch and touch my cheeks and look at me for at least 5 seconds, and smiled at me. Then of course I have an inkling that she still doesn’t want to sleep so we may stay like that for another round. I don’t know until when she plan to act like this, I don’t mind,

I’m absolutely ADDICTED  into it.

We love to read books. Everyday,we spent many hours just reading out loud, pointing out on pictures, reading the rhymes and sometimes we put “Play “in between. One of her favorite book is “My Friends”by Taro Gomi. At the last page, the moment I say the last lines, She would always look up to me & smirk and run to hug me. She looks absolutely adorable when she does it. I haven’t got a clue why she couldn’t help it but to do it over & over again, but nevertheless,

 I  always LOOK FORWARD to it.

Going out & taking a walk is one of our favorite things to do together. The moment I put on my jacket & hers, she can’t help but to run to the door and play with the keys. She can’t wait to get out! I was laughing whenever I saw her swaying inside the elevator , looking at her reflection and swinging from the hand rail like an acrobat. She knows what does it mean “To seize the Day!” I do know that these times in her childhood doesn’t last long, but for the time being,

 I simply ADORE it.

I still remember the first time we tried Baby wearing. We started at around 4 months. I was thrilled, excited ,and anxious at the same time. What if she doesn’t like it? Little did I know that we will share many ,many wonderful adventures together with it. It create a strong bond between us. While she’s snug as a bug in my chest as I carried her everywhere, anywhere. I oftentimes dropped her a kiss. It’s still a vivid memory. I can recall her sweet face looking at me whenever I’m strapping her and putting her legs into places. She got so at home with it that we had troubles putting her into the stroller when she got heavy for me to carry. She hate it, she screams at the sight of her red stroller. I can’t imagine how I would have survived without the sling. It’s a total lifesaver. I didn’t realize how draining & exhausting it is to carry her, My back hurts at the end of the day, but nevertheless,  

I TREASURE  every minute of it.

Our first  Holiday trip together was both Bliss & struggles. Yet it was the most amazing holiday I’ve had in my life. She managed not to sleep until we are finally settled in our seat. From the moment we left the house I can see from her face how eager she is, how wide awake she is,anticipating, and active. She’s amused by the lights of the car beaming in the road, I  saw her eyes glinting with curiosity like she wanna ask me :  “Mama,where are we going? ” We beat the ear pain in our flight by our constant hugging. I can’t wait for our next travel destination because she is such a good traveler! I don’t care how tiring & long the future journeys might be, as long as it is with you,

I ‘d gladly ENDURE  it.

Long before I was a music-Lover. I have great playlists & my headphones are constant in my ears. I love music, so does she. I played classical music while she’s still in the utero.  I didn’t know her type of songs would be so soothing. She haven’t realized yet  that she’s the little girl who fell asleep with Rolling Stone’s song in the background. I have gained a fair share of Nursery rhymes songs. Before I only knew one or two. Now her nursery rhymes had been  our daily Playlist. I don’t mind singing a few lines when we are waiting at the Doctor’s office or in the Grocery shops. I know I look silly sometimes, and receiving stares, but I don’t really give a damn about what others think of  it,

I’m  totally INTO  it.

I am so grateful to see every milestones she make (I know there are more to come! ) . The first time I saw a little tooth coming out, I almost shout in excitement. Now she had a full row of teeth in the front and her smile looks so different from the wet-toothless grin she used to pose many months ago. It was Christmas when she rolled over, what a great way to add to the joy of the holidays. Weeks before  she reached her 1st Birthday, she started to glide & eventually make the first strides to walk, she’s already climbing the steep Dutch stairs!  I was constantly on my knees, watching, eager, excited, and happy. I knew I overreact many times, being so protective. I don’t have time to listen to others on their parenting opinions. Its just get things complicated you know. She is my child and I take full personal responsibility of my own side of parenting. Motherhood is indeed a truly wonderful journey, so I EMBRACE  it.

To tell you the truth, many times I still caught myself relentlessly staring at my daughter,  and I still asked myself;

“W h e r e  d i d  t h e  t i m e   go? “

26 thoughts on “Raising Natalie

  1. That sounds wonderful! I also feel so great whenever I wear my daughter.I kinda missed it cuz now i thought she’s heavy to carry.I’m glad whenever I met women who shares special bonding like this with their child.Motherhood is a blessing.Thank you so so much Mary for taking time to stop by! I wish you more happy times with your Little Tot 🙂

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  2. It is nice to meet women who love being a mom! It brings out the “silly” in me better than anything else. It’s trying at times, but really the best job in the world. I’ll be sure to follow you and your family’s adventures. Much love!

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  3. My son is now 7yrs old and soon he will be 8 in July. Time is indeed so fast. I feel sad sometimes that my little boy is growing so fast so I am savouring the moment that he still kisses me, still hugs me and sit on my lap. 🙂

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  4. Ah thank you for this. When I become a mother myself I truly understand all this.I am happy when I see others who feels the same.
    Indeed motherhood is special blessing.
    I am glad you find this post relatable.:) Thank you so much.

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  5. The day I packed my firstborn off to High School I stared at her going out the door and thought ” Wasn’t is just YESTERDAY that it was her first day a school?” Time goes SO fast. My youngest starts High School next year and by then his sister will only have two years of HS left to go… horrors, it all goes too fast some days.
    That said I wouldn’t change anything because they are both turning into amazing young adults, slowing finding their way into the adult world but still with one foot in the world of kids.
    That moment will soon be gone, and they are turning into human beings we can be proud of. I can look at them and know I had something to do with that and be so proud of what they are becoming: their talents, their compassion for other people, their willingness to work hard, their humour and so much more.
    The loss of one stage is always the beginning of another one… embrace the new, it’s different but it’s just as special.

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  6. Thank you too for taking time to read. It happened in my life and had big changes since then..no other way to document it than to share it here.
    Maybe my daughter will read soon 🙂


  7. Thank you. Your words means a lot. They are a great encouragement.
    Looking at your example, I’m sure it’s going to be lot messier, harder, but the best path I had so far. There’s no amount of paycheck could match that.

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