One foggy day in the Befreiuungshalle ,Kelheim

Befreiuungshalle in Michelsberg, Kelheim

Another foggy day in Autumn but I am out once again.In German we call this weather “neblig” or it´s a day of Nebel or Fog.I became used to it by now and it doesn´t bother me anymore.I love the mystical fog in my morning walks but not while we drive in Autobahn.

Don´t get me wrong, I feel so unmotivated sometimes how to spend my free days. I wanted to sleep all day and just rest but my feet itch and wanted to be out and wander.This day I was contemplating to continue sleeping and procastinate but then I decided to shake it off….not today.

We decided to explore Kelheim town once again after 2 years.It´s about 1.5 hour drive and I wanted to see something new. The first time that I saw this place was when we took the ship through the Danube Gorge, through the Weltenburg Narrows and seeing the Abbey which was also the oldest Brewery in this region.

Liberation Hall inspired by King Ludwig of Bavaria

I love Architecture and art, so this building is on my list as well. Befreiuungshalle or Liberation Hall is a neo-classical monument built and commissioned by no other than the master fairy tale King, King Ludwig of Bavaria to commemorate the success from Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars. So basically it´s a tribute for peace after the war.This big collossal building sits on top of a hill, which is typical of King Ludwig´s masterpieces which always gives a scenic view for everything.

How many statues can you see?

This place remind me so much of his other masterpiece, the Walhalla in Regensburg, which is from my opinion is the Parthenon here in Bavaria. King Ludwig has a habit of building his castles and huge monumental buildings perched on high altitudes. You really need to either hike, climb a thousand steps and do a bit of muscle activity.He knows that the best view is indeed is right after a tough climb. And I can assure you, from all of the things he build here in Bavaria, each one has majestic views to offer.He is also a nature lover.

It was so foggy and cold outside but when we entered this huge domical building, we were greeted with warmth,silence, grandeur and yes, lots of statues .The marble floors, the engravings and architecture is grand…which is typical from his designs. Women statues are surrounding the whole, inside and outside.I guess they symbolized Freedom, peace and hope.King Ludwig ordered this place to be erected for people not to forget the wars that lasted from 1813 up to 1815.It was constructed in the year 1842 by Friedrich von Gärtner but later on the construction was altered by Leo von Klenze and completed in 1863.

Fine details of sculptures in the Befreiuungshalle in Kelheim
Entrance to the grand hall inside the Befreiuungshalle

On the huge hall, these words are embedded on the floor. The words of wisdom by King Ludwig I;

May the Germans never forget what made necessary the Struggle for Freedom and by what means they won.” (Moechten die Deutschen nie vergessen was den Befreiuungskampft notwendig machte und wodurch sie gesiegt)

Since it was too foggy, I haven´t had a clear view as I anticipated. Either way, we are pleased to see this place and know about the importance of this monument.

Mushroom sightings in Kelheim

After we see this place we went on a hike to explore the surroundings.The forest is so pretty in Autumn and I was really happy with my mushroom foraging adventures. After hiking for almost 2 hours we finally reached the banks of the other side of the river Danube and we took the boat to cross it.

After we crossed the river we went to the old Brewery and the famous Beer garden which is known for it´s dark beer. It was such a fun sight to see people travelling freely now and enjoying recreation like this. We had a sumptous lunch in the Beer garden which serves traditional Bavarian dishes.

It was a fine day spent outdoors and we went home feeling happy and satisfied.

I am so glad that this beauty is just in my doorstep and I can enjoy it anytime that I want and no need to travel too far. In a day, we hiked, ride a boat, then took the ship to cruise in the river and at the same time, had fun seeing some important landmarks of this pretty old town.

Well that is enough for a day..

I can´t wait to explore more again of Bavaria!Until then, Servus and Tschüss.

9 thoughts on “One foggy day in the Befreiuungshalle ,Kelheim

  1. I totally agree. I was surprised how nice this monument was..took a long time for me to see it though it´s near to us. Add the fact that it was a nice family hike for us as well. LG


  2. I didn´t expect that as well. I thought it was just a normal Liberation hall…but then knowing King Ludwig, he always wants everything to be extravagant so it is. It was actually an impressive monument overlooking the Danube.

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