Public Art in street sightings in Brussels

One from the comic strip lane

Walking through the streets of Brussels is like walking in a open air art gallery. I felt like this place resembled more like Amsterdam without the Dutch gable houses, canals and red light district. Brussels is a cosmopolitan city and I find the traffic chaotic.

Nevertheless, art sightings made it for me. With lots of yummy delicious waffle stops and chocolate tasting, I am not complaining. I saw artistic public arts in most unexpected places so that was really amazing.I´m not really fond of comic strips so I did not do the walk and search for it. But still, I find some that are worth of sharing just in case you are wondering what does streets in Brussels looked like.

The old town streets are narrow, lined up with different shops, and fancy hanging plants.That was random but I think it´s pretty.

Manneken Peace

This place is crazy about peeing statues, typical Belgitude. First a peeing dog, then a girl and now a world famous peeing boy called Manneken Pis.There´s a large mural across where the statue can be found and called “Manneken peace”.In this Mural, he looked like a hip hop, very trendy little teenager, but I don´t really get his message.The fresco was painted by the artist HMI, who is a member of the Brussels CNN group, a famous group of Belgian hip-hop artists.

A red Havana van is found in front of a little park with some handy exercise tools or probably it´s a pop up stall for night parties.

These ladies deserve some respect, but no, they can´t get younger anymore.

The quest for a perfect garbage bag!

And that the Mask is on the loose on the street?

Well at least the street cleaner is colored green. Really environment-friendly and it´s always on the go.

There´s a band on the run parade on the streets.

Even if it´s under construction, it´s still looking pretty.

Walking through the streets in Brussels will make you learn more of the world of Nougats and chocolates. Everything for the sweet-tooth !

And fine dining out in the streets? It´s all permitted in Brussels even when it rains.

I have the feeling that they are really fond of Atomic design or atom-inspired art installations here since the Atomium is not enough.

The Pink Waste bags in Brussels

Did you know that in some parts , the garbage sacks in Brussels is pink in color. In some parts of the city, they are even using and experimenting the use of Orange colored plastic bags which address the food waste.Germany uses yellow bags for plastic garbage, looks like we are on a rainbow waste system management.

Until then, Tschüss!

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