Let it be Sunday / Ruhetag Sonntag

Closed for the day because it´s Sunday

Fact life in Germany: Sundays are silent days here. Shops and almost everything is closed. No work and people are taking time to take it slow, and making noise is not even encouraged. You cannot make loud noise that can disturb your neighbours or mow your lawn. Those are absolutely no no! I grew up that Sundays are meant for some leisure and family gathering days. A perfect day for malling and going into cinema too but here, it´s quite different. Sunday is a church day as well for Catholics and it always start when I hear the church bells ringing, a steadfast alarm clock that wakes me up from my slumber.

Closed on Sundays

Living in Germany means doing your groceries on weekdays or Saturdays since only bakeries and selected restaurants or Biergartens are open on this day.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Until then, appreciate your feedback as always, Tschüss!

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