Fountain hunting

Traditional fountain in the old town of Berchtesgaden , Bavaria

I am a huge fan of fountains, really I am. So do you think Fountain-hunting is a good hobby?

Whenever I see one, I feel happy. Whether it´s a simple one or with lots of details, the water play works like a magic to me. So whenever I am in a new town or city, I´m like ” where´s the fountain here?

Here in Germany, almost every city and old town square has a fountain. In Bavaria itself, I guess there would be hundreds of fountains named after our handsome King Ludwig! It is just the norm. In Munich alone, there are already more than 700 fountains and more than 180 which are owned by each municipality.Most fountains serves as decorative structure for parks or squares, and named after someone important.

Normally I find them right in the middle of the square, or here we called them “Platz“, or Markplatz (Marketsquare). Surrounded with quaint shops, pretty old buildings with lots of character and ornate details, truly fountains are perfectly the center of attraction of the city. One tip though, I always check where the city hall (or Rathaus) is, then I am sure that a fountain is beside it.

Somewhere in Koblenz, Germany

I am just a hungry explorer, or rather a curious one and whenever I see something unusual from the daily sights that I see.Fountains are one of the pretty human creations, right?But nothing beats the old fashioned outdoor drinking fountains since it really serves a purpose. Like in the older days where people would stop by to an oase to drink and have their jars refilled from the wells.

Fountains nowadays are absolute magnet for kids.As an expat mom here, I frequented many “Wasserspielplatz” with fountains forvmy kid to let go of her steam! The sound of waters gushing, the sculptures around it, and yes–the story behind it. I think most of the fountains built in every city has a story.I´ve heard that in Koblenz, there´s this spitting little boy statue (Schängelbrunnen) and fountain that draws so much attention. Another fountain , the History column has many details of people´s head and a giant half face with its mouth fully gushing out with water!

Fountain in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria

Well here in Bavaria, where I have been living now for 6 years, I have seen a lot. From tiny to huge, to something overly decorated (especially during Easter), up to really historical ones just like the one above in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I love them all. During Winter, most fountains here are covered with hard covers to protect them from frost and damage from harsh cold.The moment the temperature rises once again, they are opened once again.

History column Fountain in Koblenz

It is seldom that fountains are empty. It always attract people and they hover over it or climb over it. Over us here, children plays in the fountain especially during the warm summer days. Little toddlers are just crazy about splashing and they have a habit of chasing the waters as well.I remember in Mittenwald, there´s a fountain where the water splashes with timings of violin music and of course, with dancing lights.

The Bittersweet Marriage Carousel Fountain (Ehekarussel) in Nürnberg, Bavaria

In Nürnberg, my favourite fountain would be the Bittersweet Marriage Carousel and of course, the Schönerbrunnen ( Beautiful fountain). It is a beautiful fountain with a crazy, funny and rather disturbing sculptures depicting about the highs and lows of marriage. It has so many details that the moment I have seen it, my eyes are glued trying to read it´s meaning. In Easter, our fountains here in Ingolstadt goes pretty blue and white, overly decorated with Bavarian eggs. They are totally beautiful and one of a kind. During Easter feast , I always go to the city to see them but for the last 3 years be cause of the Pandemic, I have´nt seen them for a while.

The Schönerbrunnen in Nürnberg
Richard Strauss Fountain in Garmisch Partenkirchen

While in Berlin, I was mesmerized, so as my daughter, with the frantic seaworld details of “Neptunbrunnen“, the fountain of Roman god Neptune.The Neptune Fountain in Berlin was built in 1891 and was designed by Reinhold Begas. The four women around him represent the four main rivers of Prussia at the time the fountain was constructed: the Elbe, Rhine, Vistula, and Oder

Residence Fountain in Salzburg

I have seen many fountains in Salzburg but the Residence is quite special and huge.The Residence Fountain is 15 meters high and the largest baroque fountain outside Italy. It was built between 1658 and 1661, possibly by Italian artist Tommaso di Garona, and is made of marble from the Untersberg, a mountain near Salzburg. Its water-spouting horses reached world fame.

A Fountain in Bernkastel-Kues

And more interesting fountains on my list are as follows…

Even Legoland has a cool fountain and Mannekin Pis who is quite famous in Belgium also is an example of a fountain who draws people from all over the world.

A Fountain somewhere along our way to the Neuschwanstein Castle
Tugendbrunnen in Nürnberg, Germany
Narrenschiffbrunnen, Nürnberg
Asian inspired fountain
Typical drinking fountain in Berchtesgaden

I´m excited to find more fountains and of course, Manholes in my travels! How about you, what kind of sights do you always look when you´re in a new city?

Until then, Tschüss!

6 thoughts on “Fountain hunting

  1. Looking for fountains sounds like a great hobby and there are so many elements to photographing them. You’ve got a great collection here. My sweetheart used to always look for green men carvings, but he seems to have become sated with them.

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  2. Wow, you’ve amassed a great collection of fountain photos! It’s something I often look for and photograph but I don’t think I’ve got half as many as you 🙂 I love the sound of water so yes, fountains are something I look for and longer by too.

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