Lens-Artist #207: Seeing Double

While in Salet , Nature reflections never lie..

The way we experience the world around us is the direct reflection of the world within us”

-Gabielle Bernstein

In response to Photos by Jez´s challenge in LAPC this week about seeing double, I got excited.I am no professional photographer but I´d like to capture reflections, specially in nature. They are the most truested ones and always deliver genuine beauty.For me, seeing double is all about reflections and those reflections never Lie.It´s the mirror effect of everything.

One thing that I noticed, for you to achieve that perfect stage of seeing double–you need a stable point. A point where you are still, and almost no movement and capture that moment.That moment captured is memory.

The truthfulness of water Reflections

Fascinated by water reflections, I am always bent on capturing it so still like this.I was silent for a moment and gaped at this natural beauty in Salet, right after I explored Königsee, the most beautiful and cleanest lake here in Bavaria.The water was so clear and still that it made a double trouble beauty of the mountains, trees, and the whole landscape. It was truly beautiful…

I have kept these postcards in my gallery and made a print album out of it. Its one of those days that I reflect on myself how perfect nature can be, and that I wanna surround myself more of places like this.The waters are like mirror to another world where it has a gate to another paradise.I can even see a glimpse of fishes swimming around, so naughty and free.

While in Salet and Obersee in Königsee, Bavaria

I am not surprised why people took hard efforts to hike up here, bringing their kids along with them as I did. Once you are sitting with this backdrop in front of you, your heart is glad, your mind is sound and your senses are alive.Would you see a double if the waters are muddy and unclear?

“The water in the stream may have changed many times, but the reflection of the moon and the stars remains the same.” – Rumi

See, even Rumi agrees. I wonder how this place looks like 20 or 50 years ago…? But I am sure of one thing, the water reflections exudes the same grand beauty of this place.

Seeing double in Obersee in Salet, in Königsee, Bavaria

Some more portraits where I see reflections at it´s best.

Though the waters are dirty with algae, as long as it is still, it shows us the natural beauty of the subject. This one I took when we visited the ruins in Essing,where the old town lies in a mountainous rock settings.

One moment of still silence and the boats docked in the shore shares a double persona with the waters of Taal Lake, a lake within a crater of a Volcano in Philippines. I took a trip to see the crater of the volacano and we rode these sturdy boats. the lake was filled with water lilies and yet at some point, it was calm, exuding wonderful water reflections.

I love the sights of snowcapped mountains but when I saw these mirror reflections of the Nordkette mountains in Innsbrück in Austria, I can´t help but to take a snap out of it.The reflections of the colorful houses along the Inn river is so fascinating.

Another one is the reflecting mirror facades of the Arab Headquarters in Kuwait. Naturally, it gives the artwork the same grandeur and as expected, always worth a second look.

Who else is not fascinated by double reflections on Window shops? You either see a mirror of yourself or the thing you are ogling about. Both sides, it´s worth a stop to stare as well.

And yes, since seeing double is a perfect reflection of what you envision, the displays made me laugh!

Thank you Photos by Jez for hosting. I totally enjoyed this challenge.It´s good to be part of the circle with same minds..but your eye for beauty and your photography is farther excellent!

Until then, Tschüss!

27 thoughts on “Lens-Artist #207: Seeing Double

  1. Amazing shots for the challenge, Christina 👏 The reflected mountains in Bavaria are simply spectacular 😃 Generally my favourite reflections are with water, but this time it was your shot of the mountains & colourful houses distorted in the panes of glass that are the winner 😁 Thanks for joining in the fun 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That lake in Salet is perfect for reflections but I also loved the Essing shot – somehow the way the algae breaks up the reflection is very appealing 🙂 The Innsbruck one too is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

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