LAPC : The Giant´s eyes have it

This week Tina leads another fascinating LAPC -Challenge where everything is focused on eyes.She notes that eyes have it, and that the way we looked at things depends on how we really see them. Sight and Vision are two different thing. As Helen Keller once quoted :

Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.

Now here´s my Dilemma.Most of the time, I´ve received a comment that I have an eye for something, most especially with Arts.Then I started to dig deep what it means. Do I just noticed it quicker than the others or I just love to notice fine, little details?

While eyesight takes place in the eyes, vision takes place in the brain. When the eyes pick up a clear image (eyesight), the brain (vision) is able to process, understand and analyze that image.Now this is why I am drawn to such creations. From the Giant, I am drawn first to the eyes can see and after seeing what´s in the Chambers, I realized how important having a windom-filled eyesight.

The Giant in Wattens, Austria

I love creative arts and to be able to appreciate it, I need my vision. When I visited Austria in 2017, we went spontaneously to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds where we met this Giant and his shimmering Eyes. I thought before he is some kind of a statue, or so. Little did I know that he is more than a head nestled in a hill of Wattens.Multimedia artist André Heller created a world of wonder to celebrate Swarovski’s hundredth anniversary in 1995. Heller’s thematic centerpiece for Swarovski Crystal Worlds was the shape of the Giant. He developed the story of a Giant who set out to experience the world and all of its treasures and wonders. With this knowledge, the Giant settled down in Wattens in Tyrol, where he has watched over his Chambers of Wonder ever since.

He is watching all these chambers of wonders with his wonderful crystal eyes…

Once you see him, you will be bewitched.It´s probably the reason why flocks of tourists went here to hoard lots of crystals..or maybe they were also charmed by the wonderful artistic creations inside.

The Giant in Wattens, Austria

I saw this Giant in the middle of Winter and on broad daylight, almost covered with the meories of a snowy night. I imagined his fierce eyes still glistened on pitch black nights and shines.

The Giant and the Chamber of Wonders in Swarovski World of Crystals

The giant head is one of the most important and most photographed work is the Giant Swarovski World, with sparkling eyes and the mouth of the fountain that springs out of the fountain.

You can admire many other exceptional art installations inside the secret chambers of wonders and immersed in the green of the gardens. There´s even a man made “Crystal Clouds” which will take your breath away if you love anything artistic made my human.Works of well-known masters and artists who, amid the paths and the avenues of the park, have been able to blend art and architecture creating a dream landscape.

But in the ened, without the eyes, this sparkling world can never be appreciated. Whether it´s a fake diamond or real ones,to see a spark, one must have an eye for it.

Until then, Tschüss!

10 thoughts on “LAPC : The Giant´s eyes have it

  1. What an odd creation JB! In context, having learned it’s in Swarovsky Crystal World it made much more sense! I’d never heard of it but it’s a terrific example of eyes and after reading your text I loved it!

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  2. What an amazing creation and those eyes really are quite extraordinary. You’re quite right too, there’s a big difference between vision and eyesight.


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