TreeSquare -1 July

A beaming Tilia Linden Tree, (also known as Lime tree) in front of our garden

Hallo July!

My first Tree Square for July is a simple Tilia Linden tree from our garden. It´s my neighbour´s tree but it is directly in front of us. Shown here in this photo with beaming colors from our Corona Balkon-Party .I remembered that when we entered the first major Lockdown here in Bavaria, around early Spring last year, this tree still has few leaves, but now it´s full grown again .It gets so big that I can´t even see the house in front of us.

Whenever I looked at this tree, it reminded me of those lockdown days, full of worries and anxiety, but then also it symbolizes hope and healing.

Thank you Becky for hosting once again this fun challenge.Do check her Page, she has wonderful Blog, and yes, she is the wizard behind all these Squares!

Someone ´s sitting in the shade today,because someone planted a tree long time ago..

-Warren Buffet

7 thoughts on “TreeSquare -1 July

  1. My first thought was ‘A tree having a party’. It is a very weird feeling to see the seasons coming round again. I remember feeling shocked and disappointed we were still in lockdown when the first daisies appeared this year after seeing them as hopeful signs the first time around. How little we knew then!

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  2. I think the same way. Time flown so fast and memories seemed like just a page turned. I´m sure all of us won´t want to be in that page again. But then again, it´s great to be reminded of the past and how far we´ve come.
    I really appreciate the comment Susan, you are one of the few who sees beyond visuals.
    Thank you!

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