Which Way? My off-the beaten paths

Here I gathered some of my favourite “Which Way” photos which sums up my walkings, hiking adventures and yes, running.

my favourite way to run every morning, taken sometime in Fall
Another way I love to do my morning Run, this time on a foggy day
Up to the mountain rooms, somewhere in the Tropical side
Somewhere in the Tropical roads and pathways
Cross over wooden bridge to the swamps
Route on a foggy and Endless rough roads
A very busy road going to Kuwait City heading to the Liberation Tower
My favourite cycling path with the view of the Danube river
Going up to the mountains with the Jenner Bahn Gondola
A curvy path going up to the mountains
Road view, but this time with a view of a rainbow

This post was inspired by Alive and Trekking´s “Which way photo Challenge“.Many thanks to San for hosting this and giving us the chance to participate.

If you wanna join this challenge, head on to San´s page and explore her wonderful world of trekking and discover the different world of ways…!

Until then , Wishing you all a happy start of the week.Tschüss!

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