Blue Teal Koleidoscope June -Pick a topic -CMMC

Here´s my entry for this week´s Pick a Topic for June, CMMC. Blue Teal Koleidoscope describes well all these photos from my recent travels, hiking and Artworks.

A lush forest landscape, rocky mountain, calming waters in teal-green-blue shades and a gushing Waterfall in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
Sail on deep, translucent waters, no waves here but that perfect shade is still there.
The rocky shore of the Arabian Gulf
Beautiful rock formations inside the Parthnachklamm Gorge in Garmisch Partenkirchen

Lastly, I found some of my Abstract Art paintings that quite resembles to Cee´s photo, probably the best concept is that I tried to mimic the ocean waves and tones, and teal-green-blue-white is always a dream pallette for my artworks.

Blue Teal Koleidoscope Acrylic Pour Abstract Painting/JustbluedutchArt

This Post was inspired by this week´s Cee´s Midweek Madness Challenge, Pick a Topic and here´s her Photo:

Cee suggests any of the following possible topics: This photo is of the Oregon Coast Possible topics coast, water, ocean, blue, teal, white, brown, rocks, waves, landscape, candid, people, family, etc. What else can you come up with?

Again, thank you very much Cee for featuring my Post “Endless Yellow Fields forever ” for June Color-Yellow. I had so much fun doing that as well as for Jude´s previous photo Challenge, Life in Colour-Yellow.

Until then, enjoy the sun and Tschüss

9 thoughts on “Blue Teal Koleidoscope June -Pick a topic -CMMC

  1. Wow Cee!!! this just really made my day…thank you, Dankeschön! honored to catch your eyes.Thank you for inspiring me more to do better.
    Wishing you the best of Summer as well!

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