Lens-Artist Photo Challenge- Shades and Shadows

Mr.Sun is finally shining bright here in Germany. Summer is definitely going to soar in the coming days, added the fact that we are easing slowly all Corona measures over here, so most people are on the loose! Means more fun out in the sun, swimming and BBQ´s! Within a week we turned brown and always looking for shady spots!

I guess without the sun, shades and shadows has no birth.

This week, it´s all about Shades and Shadows . It´s a creative fun challenge that Leya brought us this week.

I’ll start with some quirky finds in the beach…a headless doll and the shadows makes it like a Horror poster, perhaps “Annabel, or Chuckie?”

I went spelunking in the northern parts of the Philippines and in this region, the “Echo Valley” in Sagada is quite famous. This is one of the entrance to the cave which we explored. Walking into darkness is quite something… and again, shadows played a big part in creating the enigma of this place.

Back to the mountains, I love how the “Peach” effect of the snowcapped mountain played by sun´s setting creates this wonderful backdrop. Views like this from the hotel balcony is worth every penny!

But look at the fine recesses that showed in this…

One of those window views inside a castle that gave us great panoramic views of the green scenery and the Altmühl river here in Bavaria.

Just a chill autumn moment right here in our neighborhood.

Captured shadows and shade playing with Ravens in Nürnberg, Bavaria.

Lovely afternoon walk in the woods

More shades and shadows here…

and lastly, a much needed shade in the Camel farm a scorching 50 degrees temperature in the deserts of Kuwait.

Until then, Tschüss!

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge- Shades and Shadows

  1. I love that one too! That doll photo always hunt me as well. I am not so much fond of these dolls :-(( thank you so much for your wonderful feedback.


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