Life in Colour- Purple

This month, Jude is looking for Purple, the shades and hues from red to blue.When I think about Purple, I can´t help but to think of my Oxalis Triangularis plant and one of my favourite Rock band “Deep Purple”.My Oxalis are my lucky gem in my indoor jungle and I have already handed away so many babies from it. It´s magical to watch them close their leaves as soon as it´s gets dimmer and open it once greeted by sunshine. For me,purple is an ambitious colour, it is solid and whimsical, and always makes an statement. I love to use this hue in my abstract paintings and Galaxy Artworks. Personally, I love wearing purple nailpolish and yes, I have purple sweaters and as a kid I love eating Aubergine which is also of deep purple shade.

And what´s the perk of getting up early in the morning for a run? It´s view like these….purple dawn! better than Prince´s “Purple Rain” !

Lovely purple skies never fail to amazed me, too bad they are fleeting and gone in seconds.I must admit that I dared to be eccentric and love to try to wear purple hair, but then my hair was so dark that it turned into burgundy!

Purple can be yummy too, a favourite homebaked of mine, a slice of delicious Blueberry cheesecake dripping in purple sauce, anyone? One of the most beautiful sights I´ve seen in Purple is when they lighted up Kuwait Towers in shades of Purple and over here, we have a Winter Lounge in Christmas which is solely lighted in Purple lights!

Though Purple is the last color of the rainbow, what would a rainbow be without it? Running on purple pavements is a win but a bunch of purple fresh figs makes me happy.And of course, I can´t complain for the wide array of Purple flowers and blooms, they are notorious of their beauty, scent and they make every garden an envy.

Compliments to Life in Colour series by Jude for inspiring this Post. Tschüss!

2 thoughts on “Life in Colour- Purple

  1. Wow! JBD what an array of purples you have found. I must admit that I agree with a lot of what you said. Deep Purple were one of my favourite rock bands (and I still have a CD or two) along with Led Zep. I used to have a lovely purple velvet jacket when I was 18, I love blueberries and especially blueberry muffins and cheesecake! And fresh figs! Flowers – tick. Skies – tick. But what struck me the most are your artworks, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these Christina. I have loved this post.
    Jude xx

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  2. Thank you Jude. It´´s heartwarming to read your comments. Glad that you appreciate my Artworks!
    Oh yes, I´m thrilled as well that you love Deep Purple & Led Zep, I am a proud 1970´s baby! Great music those days…always a classic.

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