Life in Color : Yellow Pt.1

I love anything about colors and shades, the brighter, bolder and colorful, the better. But sometimes, a single, exuberant shade makes it all to brighten my day. Yellow is the theme for this month ( though many says it´s the red month because of Valentines! ) but then anyway, I am so so glad that I have found this wonderful Thread.Make sure to check it out!

I thought it is such an inspiring prompt and full of fun challenge to do so. So here it is, I gathered some of my “Yellow”.

I wake up and found that there was all Yellow.

Here´s some of my favorites.Enjoy!

What are the “Yellow moments in your life? Love colors, check out these worthwhile readings!

Until next time, Tschüss!

Keukenhof in Pink Colors

Seven hues of Blue

The Blue Flock Art Project

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