The world of Marionettes in Salzburg

The amazing world of Marionettes in Salzburg

When we visited Salzburg last year, it leaves me a lasting impression. I was totally in loved with this city.The weather was not so great but then we managed to really enjoy our stay there.One of the highlights of our trip was seeing the beautiful Hohensalzburg Fortress , the largest preserved castle in Europe. On top of it, it´s a busy tourist magnet.

Salzburg is a top notch Baroque, the architecture is really impressive and definitely classic.The skyline of Salzburg is never complete without the Fortress in the view.It symbolizes power, nobility and triumph.We explored this placed through the Salzburg Funicular, a slant modern Funicular that brings you to the top of the castle in just 1 minute! The funicular travels a total distance of 198.5 m, beginning at 437 m and rising to 536 m.This is really a time saver for families and kids especially if you are with a stroller.

In this castle, we had a glimpse of another scenic highlight , the world of Marionettes in one of the Museums located inside the Fortress.This place has the most unique, out of this world Puppets.The location of the Marionatte Museum is the former Gun deck, or ” Feuergang“. Beside the entrance we saw lines of canons and other weapons.

Master of Puppets in Marionettes Museum in Salzburg

A large theater with small actors,it is undoubtedly a place where artistic world of puppets and figure theater becomes a highlight.I was totally amazed how the puppets were made and how intricate their costumes were.Puppets are depicting famous figures such as “Rumpelstilzskin” and ” The Sound of Music” characters, and much more. These puppets has no lives without the skilled Puppeteers.

As a kid I was often fascinated by a puppet shows but I don´t really like the scary ones. I tend to associate them with Chuckie, the scary freak doll. Some of the puppets I really find scary and crazy ugly and tend to scare children more than amuse them. When I was a child, I remembered being glued only watching Sesame street,and here in Bavaria, the Ausburger Puppenkiste. I often wondered how a Puppeteer trains to create a show. What a talent it should be !

Imagine when to pull up a string, when to pull down, or even drag.their fingers must be lithe and their imagination should be limitless!

In the fascinating world of Puppets

My daughter loved it and she would make a stage by herself and create little figures and film a story , then with the little help of back light and sounds, the show is a hit!

Do you love puppet shows? Also, have you ever seen this type of Parade?

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