Random Ramblings : Dear Tourist, please unlock your Love…

Put your love on the wall ( East Side Gallery , Berlin 2019)

Who among you is enamored ( or had been, never was, or has future plans ) by these love -locks mania?

Is it only me or others also find it fascinating (or rather intriguing) to ask why people wants to put love locks on bridges, walls railings, fences, or to other odd places ? In the first place, padlocks belongs to doors and gates and not on bridges!

I was inspired to write this post because some time ago, I heard my Colleague sharing her story about her daughter who has a boyfriend. On her birthday she asked her mother for a gift, a very special gift— a “Liebeschlosser” in Deutsch or personalized engraved love lock ! With the name of the couple of course.Where they are going to hang it I didn’t bother to ask anymore!

See, honestly, it’s hard not to ignore them , they are almost everywhere! Crossing the bridge full of padlocks will definitely redirect your focus. I wanted to look at the city view but I can’t even have a better view because the bridge is so full of tourists–everybody ogling around the padlocks!

Just look at all those heart-shaped little piece of metal. I’ve seen that the new fad comes even with a photo! Look closely and you will realize that it becomes a human nature. People from different origin are doing it.Wanting to do it, and maybe already bought a padlock to put it somewhere.

They are unbelievably insane in numbers! All of these locks with inscriptions, in different colors, size and design composed a debatable grafitti--an undeniably vandalism of natural scenic spots. All for the sake of going through the “fad”or ” tourist trap”, “photo point” or whatever you call it. The effect can already be seen–some key states already started the padlock ban !

But what really drives people ( or couples) to “bridged” and locked their love? perhaps a travel culture, or just a plain tourist trap dilemma? Netherlands has another fad–locking their bikes along the canal bridges, and that’s another story.

Bridges full enough along the canals in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From the place where I grew up, we never have this kind of love lock bridges, ( or not that I know of, or have seen!) nor that I’ve seen something like this in Kuwait either. First, padlocks are not cheap and rivers are already contaminated and adding keys will definitely pose another environmental problem. Just imagine the amount of padlocks that were removed from Paris that ‘s almost over a million padlocks that weights more than 45 tonnes! That was a sensational issue.

It’s not for sure a European thing because I’ve noticed that in many different parts of the world, there are definitely magnets for romantics to put a chain of their love ! It’s crazy just seeing the amount of padlocks and how multi-lingual the inscriptions, it’s really international! Even here in my little town of Ingolstadt, where Audi’s and BMW’s parades the streets, but also, our bridges are getting “heavy”and “heavier” because people are also putting more and more their love on chains! All for the sake of “Liebe“.

A love lock chained in the bridge in Salzsach river in Salzburg in Austria

I noticed that this thing became a thing in almost big cities. Started in Paris and now, almost big cities have their own bridge of love locks attraction. People picked-up the habit of buying locks, engraving their names, and chaining their hearts on these metals hooked up in bridges, throw the keys and then left. What is astonishing is that so many shops sells these stuff! If there were no padlocks, of course this “business” will not thrived as well. I noticed that many locks are written with different languages so people from different places really contribute to this commotion of locks in bridges.

How to kill time with a toddler : Bring them to a bridge full of padlocks and let them read all the names, better let them count the lovelocks.

Big balls of Love from Bavaria
Love padlocks invade the world!

Have you ever tried putting your love in chains?

If given the chance, would you ever put a padlock for your love on a bridge?

6 thoughts on “Random Ramblings : Dear Tourist, please unlock your Love…

  1. Oh my goodness, Christina!!! All those keys produced in vain, only to be thrown away, hopefully not in water. And 45 extra tonnes probably wasn’t something engineers back in the Middle Ages planned for!!! I’ve never understood the padlock craze, either. They look ugly! What’s the point – why on a bridge? It seems meaningless, like all those people saying “Je suis Paris”, etc. Sorry, do I sound too harsh?! 🙂 Anyway, I laughed at “how to kill time with a toddler”! 😀 Can she read already? Great topic and read! xxx


  2. Hehe.. I thought I might share something that I find really weird. Really in Ph we don’t have such things and padlocks are simply functional, i mean to lock something and you keep the key.Period.
    Here it’s something else.
    It’s a big issue actually. Some city promote it for tourism, some go for environmental reasons and puts a ban on it. But there is this thing about being controlled and tolerated that always clashes.
    I guess it’s also boils down in character and culture.
    No, you are not harsh, just saying your opinion is a right. 🙂
    Yes, Natalie can already read. She’s really into reading as early as 3.
    The teachers says she is ready for school next year but in other aspects like sitting still for 1 hour i think
    she cannot yet handle. She still needs to play and enjoy her childhood.
    And we also as parents are not yet ready, so many things to prepare before we plunge into Gründshule ( Grade school). But let us see
    how she do this year.
    Sorry for my late reply, she was coughing and has fever for the last days so I am again on mama-duties.
    Hope you and the twins are doing great.
    Here the temps are dropping, now it’s 7 deg outside but its sunny. Might go for a walk later
    after I do laundry and dishes…. tidy up etc..:-(( LOL
    and on weekends I need to work. That sums up my week.
    How are you rolling there.Great to have you as a Friend.
    You are a gem Snow!

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  3. I agree it might be a structural and environmental concern. Perhaps they will come up with an environmentally friendly alternative. I first saw the locks on the bridge in Salzburg, but occasionally I see it here in Australia too, although not by any stretch is it to the same degree. It is a nice gesture but they do seem to go rusty after a time, and the couples might think about what they might mean for their locked love! Lol!

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  4. Exactly my thoughts too!
    I think I need to redo another update on this post since our bridges here are also starting to be covered in padlocks.
    I think its the mentality as well..what goes around, comes around.


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