To love winter is a Privilege

From our recent trip to Austria where I have seen  surreal images of the beauty of snow during a cold Freezing January , I admit I was in love of this pure whiteness all over me. To tell you honestly, coming from one of the hottest country in the world,and grew up in a tropical climate where I only knew humidity, rain & scorching summer, the sight of the mountains, especially the Alps covered in snow, and walking through a gush of  a heavy snow fall, all day, all night, sure thing its a pretty sight. It’s overwhelming for the first time! My husband said ; you are asking for snow, now you have snow!

I can’t stop staring and capturing these moments. All the more that I was immediately smitten when I saw  from Snowmeltssomewhere  her wonderful captures of  the silence, beauty,  and the low visibility in the Finnish Lapland, covered in pure whiteness, almost unreal for someone who experience snow for the first time.

Then comes the second day, the third day and the rest of what we called nowadays, it all becomes…pretty normal. Almost everything. It’s still a winter wonderland, but the “wonder” diminishes gradually.

To love Winter is a privilege

All I wanted to say is,  to love winter and snow is a privilege.

Because not everyone experience these changing seasons. I, myself was one of them. There are people from the other side of this planet who have never seen a single snowflake in their lives and for them, seeing a place like this is an absolute paradise. They would fly miles away just to see a winter wonderland and experience White Christmas, dressed up in winter clothes and  soak in the winter atmosphere. Yes, they have the right to brag about it. I remember seeing people in Kuwait during the months of December ~January  who dressed up in winter boots, faux fur coats and  wool jackets in a temperature of 10 degrees on a sunny day . Meanwhile, we would all be cycling and taking walks here in Germany in pullover and light jackets. Here in Bavaria, even with the minus temps & snowing, people still cycle to go to school and work, jogging, bringing out their kids in the cold, and walk their dogs on a freezing day. Same routines.

Not everyone have the chance to grow up in a winter wonderland place. I used to dream about snow and a white Christmas too. I wonder how a snowman is being built and how does it feel to ski or even ride a sled. I longed to know how does it feel, and taste the snow, and watch the magical snowflake falls on my face. I was so eager for this experience like a child.

But the fun ends and I won’t lie, I have these secret emotions and I don’t expect that every one of you can relate. Despite the beauty that I’m seeing, I can’t deny that I have these blues that engulfs me whenever I see all these whiteness and exhilarating coldness. I know complaining never helps because I don’t hate the cold, I am not just used to it.

Can anybody relate to my feelings?

A walk into this winter wonderland.

This biting cold. It creeps to my bones and I can’t stand anymore even 3 seconds without my gloves. One time, in the middle of my Wandertags and my whole body  feels  a surge of panic to get inside immediately or else I couldn’t even  feel my face anymore. I’m afraid I might get a frostbite. I dunno what is a frostbite. No, not yet. That on weekends, I was dying for a bike ride but continuously hesitated, dreading the freezing wind in my face and I know my nose will just be stuffed and becomes runny. How annoying it is to remove your gloves, get a tissue, wipe your nose–all in repetition? Oh well if it itch somewhere, then…

A christmas Ball covered in snow.

This panic of layering clothes. I am not so conscious but what exactly is Winter fashion?  Here in Germany, I can’t think of any fashion— only Function! You need to dress up for the weather. They say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. But how much is too much? Is 3 layers enough? Unless you’re attending a very important meeting, your impeccable dress doesn’t matter. At home, dressing up a wiggling toddler is something that we do in haste nowadays, oftentimes leading to drama. Please tell me if you have any tips how can I make my daughter put on her mittens/gloves because it’s always a fight for her to keep it on. Before I could even put on my shoes, she already removed it.


Time to work the messy work in Winter

It’s a hard work pushing! Winter is a lot of work. If I managed to push my daughter’s stroller in the snow-covered streets  for even an hour, then I don’t need to work out anymore. I needed to be cautious in my steps too, or I’ll end up landing my ass in the streets. Even buses I’ve seen have snow chains since roads with ice can be so slippery. Not fun at all. I’m just glad if we survive on a daily basis. Besides,  my toddler might ask me why we need to take walks in these minus temps, freezing cloudy days ,  when all the playgrounds have disappeared, literally!

A Submerged Mercedes-Benz  in snow .

I’m sweating the moment I get in.I thought I felt cold but why I was sweating so much?  I should blame these layers that I wear. I can’t wait to untangle my scarf when entering a shop but dreading to put it on again after 5 minutes. Is it only me who thinks that drinking Hot chocolate everyday  makes me feel so bloated? I admit I have drink more tea nowadays more than I have ever drink tea in my whole life, also countless trips to the bathroom.

A  statue covered in snow.

Happy hour is nowhere. No leisure walks outside means no sunsets to watch. It’s just grey & white there,then black. When I am dreading the 5:30 a.m wake up call knowing it’s still pitch black outside and that our days practically ends at 4:00 p.m when everything turns dark. Am I supposed to have early dinner and what else? go straight to bed?  Remembering back in Kuwait where we put on dark curtains just to shield out the bright sun and children are playing up until 1 am in the morning in the park. In winter, all fun is indoors after 4pm. Now that we are living in these changing seasons, the only time Germans go crazy to rush to go outside is when the sun decided to show up. It is a sunny day, but also very cold.

Snow everywhere and a frozen bird house.


A perfect  natural White Christmas Tree

These Heavy. Winter. Garb. The daunting feeling when you’re about to go outside and start getting dressed, and you grab your winter jacket, boots, hat & gloves. It has become your daily uniform. For quite sometime now. The streets suddenly become narrow  with all these people walking in their stuffy jackets. I wore 2-3  layers of socks sometimes and yet, my toes still feel cold. I must add that wearing tights & leggings becomes a daily struggle.

I’m not stopping  by this time!

When some friends made  comments about how much they LOVE Winter and the only words that comes out from my mouth is–Yes, it is.  But deep inside, again, these silent emotions– the reality bites of winter. I am thinking how to give a polite answer with all these things in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter but sometimes it’s utterly depressing. I see it as everything is hibernating!  I love seeing the snowfall today, and I would love to watch it tomorrow ,again & again. I love-making snowman in our garden with my daughter, after all, I just had a complete winter garb this year, great finds I must say. I love everything about White Christmas too. My first Christkindlmarkt and our first Christmas here in Germany is all good memories although I’m not so fond of Glühwein! But…

 I  hope the warm sun touches my skin again and see  beautiful sunny days…can’t wait!

What about you, what do you like about Winter? Which one of the seasons is your favorite?

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20 thoughts on “To love winter is a Privilege

  1. I think my favorite season is winter, but only in Finland because of the snow. In North Germany we didnt get any snow this year and the coldest we got was like -1 degree celsius which means for a Finnish person it is early Autumn weather 😀

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  2. Oh yes, I feel mostly the same, except the last few sentences, I can’t say I like winter or anything about it. How much simpler life would be if I did! Would I be happier? Possibly – because then – I wouldn’t always be dreaming of grass that’s greener on the other side… But otherwise, I so agree with you!!! 🙂 Winter blues, SAD syndrome… The darkness is killing my souls! I wish I could spend time outdoors but it’s just too cold…
    You know, I didn’t grow up in snow either, I grew up in Australia, and I miss those sweaty hot days, since I don’t have them anymore. Just like people growing up in hot countries imagine it must be bliss to live somewhere cooler. All climates have their ups and downs, I guess.
    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, by the way!!! And thanks so much for the shout-out! 😉 …Oh, and tea… yes, I drink cups and cups of unsweetened green tea just to keep me warm…! Have you ever tried hot blackcurrent juice or hot strawberry juice, maybe from an organic shop? That’s good too, if you want some variation! 🙂
    Great post, Christina! ❤

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  3. I love the look of blankets of snow covering the grass but I’m not a fan of the freezing weather that keeps me cooped up inside. I do love the warm cuddles that winter brings but here in Nebraska the winters can be bitter! Your pictures are so beautiful!! Makes me think I should appreciate what I have more!

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  4. Thank you..I hope you are enjoying the “cooler” temps around Kuwait nowadays. I have seen that you’ve been roaming around and making wonderful trips as well.Great places!
    Are you looking forward to your first Hala February festival?


  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes it was both wonder & oddities for me. It was my first real winter wonderland experience and what a great way to share the way I feel about it.Now I understand the seasons well and how it really affects our moods.
    Stay warm!

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  6. Oh Thank you, I will go try and look for this drinks,it sounds great. It’s blackcurrant right? I hope I find it there.
    Great thing you can relate. I was really thinking about your posts about Lapland when I thought of writing about what I feel about this cold.:-)
    It is always great to hear your feedback.

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  7. Really? you didn’t get any snow yet?
    I’m sure seeing all these white landscapes seemed pretty normal & maybe boring for you already :-))
    I hope I get used to this cold!!
    Snow is great , but working everyday and being out in it—it’s a lot of work lol

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  8. This post made me smile. Your photos are wonderful. Winter is stunningly beautiful and magical and fun. But it’s also dark, cold, and a total pain in the neck!
    When winter steps aside for spring, it’s absolutely glorious.


  9. Really lovely post. Such h huge contrasts in the different places you’ve lived. I really like the idea of winter being a privilege in contrast to those who will never experience it. I love the changing seasons.

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  10. Winter does indeed have her own rules for us….but its a rhythm and it will pass, giving way to the joy of lush spring greens. For me I love winter, but wouldn’t want her to stay all year. It’s a time for inner reflection, for slowing down and drawing close to those we love. A time for remembering!

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